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Where are the engine and fuel tank located in a tank?

Where are the engine and fuel tank located in a tank?

Just a side question, now that you bring it up: is there a general rule as to where the Americans, British, German and Soviet tank designers placed the engine and the fuel tank in their designs? I thought it was more or less universally placed in the back (hence all of the movie-talk about hitting enemy tanks “in the a**”).

What happens if you hit a diesel tank?

Hitting in the ass was more related to less armor there then hope of destroing engine or exploding its fuel tank. In general, any penetrating hit in crew compartment was enough to kill the tank – even low callibre shell would explode inside, killing/wounding the crew, damaging equipment and sometimes exploding its ammo.

Who was the first person to buy crew?

If we were going to sell Crew, however, we needed it to be in good hands. Someone who respected designers, our team, and what Crew stood for. One of the first people I called was Andrew Wilkinson, founder of the design agency MetaLab and builder of The Berkshire Hathaway of The Internet. I first met Andrew a few months ago at an event.

What was the difference between Diesel and petrol tanks?

Well, they didn’t. Germans were using petrol for all their tanks, plain and simple. On the other hand, USA was using diesel variant of Sherman – and it wasn’t in any way superior or anything. It just used diesel because of logistics – it was US Marine tank supplied by Navy.

What to do if you have gasoline in your tank?

DO call your roadside service provider and request a tow to either the vehicle’s brand dealership or an independent repair shop. DO have the fuel tank drained and receive confirmation that the contaminated fuel was limited to the fuel tank.

Can a wrong nozzle fill a fuel tank?

Filling a fuel tank is such an ordinary and mundane task that just a moment’s inattention (did you really need to read that text message?) can cause you to grab the wrong nozzle and pump away.

Is it good to have extra fuel tank?

Having extra fuel allows worry-free travel, plus I can take advantage of good fuel prices. It was a toss-up between Transfer Flow and Titan, but my mechanic had so many bad experiences with Titan and the heat that he only installs Transfer Flow. I highly recommend it and have no regrets!”

How much does it cost to fill a gas tank with a credit card?

My gripe is that credit card fill ups often shut off way before the fill up point due to station dollar limits necessitating a second authorization. Out here on the West Coast, diesel hovers just under $4.00 a gallon. I can only imagine trying to fill up a mega tank.”

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