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When do you have a transmission fluid leak?

When do you have a transmission fluid leak?

If the transmission is slow to start, your transmission fluid levels are low and there may be a leak. If the transmission doesn’t start at all, you may not have any transmission fluid at all [source: Carley]. Remember that transmission fluid leaks can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Can a crack in a transmission seal cause a leak?

If the needle bearings get damaged or there is a crack in the torque body, then you can have leaks, too. Again, this is a problem that transmission seal leak products cannot address. Replacement will. Transmission fluid leaks can also be due to cracks in the fluid lines.

What causes a transmission line to leak in a car?

If you have a cooled automatic transmission, you will most likely have fluid lines going to the transmission cooler in the front of the car. These lines are made of steel and tend to get rust holes and start to leak.

When to know if your car has a transmission problem?

Hesitation: If the car hesitates when shifting, it’s usually a problem with the clutch. But if you find that the vehicle isn’t shifting smoothly, it could also be a sign of transmission trouble. Low or leaking fluid: A transmission fluid leak is one of the most reliable signs of a transmission problem, and should never be neglected.

How can you tell if your transmission fluid is leaking?

Droplets of fluid underneath the transmission are a telltale sign of a leak. Automatic transmission fluid is typically red in color when it’s relatively fresh and clean. Manual transmission fluid (or gear oil) is semi-transparent or honey-colored. But what exactly causes a transmission fluid leak in the first place?

What causes a leak in the transmission pan?

You may notice a spot of fluid underneath your car when it’s parked, or you may feel your transmission slipping as a result of having no fluid. Transmission pans hold transmission fluids, and after a while, they can become worn out. They may develop holes or cracks that can allow the fluid to leak out.

Where is the leak in the transmission shaft?

That gasket can eventually wear out, resulting in a fluid leak. Output shaft seal leaks are a common problem. On vehicles that have a rear-wheel drive bias layout, the output shaft seal is at the rear of the transmission extension housing. The seal prevents fluid from leaking out between the transmission and the driveshaft.

How to stop transmission leaks and avoid high repair costs?

The best way to prevent these high transmission repair costs, and avoid having to add transmission fluid every few days to your vehicle is to use BlueDevil Transmission Sealer. BlueDevil Transmission sealer is added directly to your automatic transmission with no need to do a fluid change.

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