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When did the Monte Carlo SS come out?

When did the Monte Carlo SS come out?

The Mexican version of the Monte Carlo SS, available in 1984 only, did have a 350 engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. These were available in Mexico only and do not carry standard VIN numbers like the American version. Go here for details on the Mexican Monte Carlo SS .

What kind of engine does a Monte Carlo have?

The only engine available for the 4th Generation Monte Carlo SS was the L69 HO 305ci V8. There was no option to get a 350 or any other engine from the factory in the United States. The 8th digit of the VIN number, which indicates engine type (L69, HO 305ci V8), must be a ‘G’ for 1984 through 1988 SSs, and ‘7’ for 1983 SSs.

Why was the Chevy Monte Carlo discontinued in 1975?

The SS 454 package would be discontinued after this year following production of only 1,919 units, but the 454 CID V8 engine would remain optional in Monte Carlos through 1975. The reason given for discontinuing the SS was that the Monte Carlo was marketed as a luxury vehicle instead of a muscle car.

What kind of rear spoiler does a Monte Carlo have?

Two types of rear spoilers were available during the 4th Generation production run, Stand-up style and Lay-Down style. All 1983, 84, 85 and 86 model year notchback SSs got the Stand-Up style spoiler. All 1988 model year notchback SSs and all 1986 and 1987 Aerocoupes got the Lay-Down style spoiler.

How to remove the Monte Carlo SS computer?

You will need to remove the passenger side wheel well to get to the hole in the firewall where the harness goes through. There is a bolt and bracket holding the grommet in that encases the harness, remove this, and pull grommet/harness through. Now trace this back to the motor, and disconnect anything it connects to.

Can a Monte Carlo 700R run without a computer?

The lock up vacuum switch from a 81 and up 3 speed auto will work on a 200R4 or 700R with no computer. I have just done this and all you need is a wiring harness from a 81 and up non SS car. Its not as hard as it sounds. I have just done this and all you need is a wiring harness from a 81 and up non SS car. Its not as hard as it sounds.

What kind of computer does a 1987 Monte Carlo have?

1987 Monte Carlo SS, Lightning Rod equipped, engineless/2004-R,Holley carb, edelbrock intake, hooker headers, moog,Iceman crossmember, umi suspension, eibach springs,so much more,no computer/emissions.

How does the TPS work on a Monte Carlo?

The TPS just tells the computer how much throttle is applied, and the MCS either richens or leans out the mixture, based on the input of the O2 sensor, among other components.

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