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When did the Ford F 250 Diesel come out?

When did the Ford F 250 Diesel come out?

(1996 Ford F-250) Introduced in mid 1994, Ford’s 7.3L Power Stroke was a power improvement over the previous IDI 7.3L diesel. These trucks, and their diesel engines, are known for being rugged and reliable trucks. Likewise, the 7.3L can last well beyond 400,000 miles if well maintained.

Are there any problems with the 2004 Ford F250 diesel?

Purchased new 2004 f250 6. 0l turbo diesel. Since purchase, have repeatedly experienced intermittent surging, stumbling, & stalling. Have returned vehicle numerous time with no trouble found. Subsequent recall came out and was performed in September 2005. Intent of recall was to address stated problems.

Why is my Ford F-250 diesel engine not working?

Ford super duty trucks with the 6-liter diesel engine, generally while towing a heavy trailer uphill, experience a high rate of turbo hoses blowing off. This creates a low power situation that leaves the truck without enough power to safely exit the roadway. On two-lane highways this is a serious safety concern.

Why is the Ford F-250 Powerstroke a good truck?

According to, the 7.3 liter Powerstroke is reliable because its design is simple and only uses 6 bolts per cylinder. Another reason trucks with these engines are durable is that they feature a fixed geometry turbo and an oil cooler that is located externally.

Are there any problems with the Ford F-250 diesel?

39 problems related to diesel engine have been reported for the 2004 Ford F-250. The most recently reported issues are listed below. The contact owns a 2004 Ford F-250 diesel. The contact stated that while driving 15 mph, excess smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe. The dealer was notified and stated that the egr cooler might be defective.

What does the Ford Super duty F-250 do?

And hauling’ without stalling’, is what this Ford f-250 super duty does. 4×4 is so important to have. You never know when you are going to need to use it, be it fallen trees or in the snow! It is great for pulling heavy loads and easy to have the turbo upgraded. It is a roomy vehicle. The backseat has plenty of room.

What kind of engine does a Ford F250 have?

The Ford F250 trucks offer best-in-class towing and hauling capabilities, thanks in part to an impressive Power Stroke diesel engine that produces an incredible 925 pound-feet of torque. With interior amenities that range from sparse to ultra-luxurious, there’s a Super Duty F-Series pickup for everyone.

Are there any issues with the 2004 Ford F250?

The air bag sensor has also went out, which is very annoying due to the 7 beeps every few minutes. There really haven’t been any major issues with the truck as far as issues from the factory. 2004 F250 Super Duty. Built to last forever! This truck has more power than anyone could ever need.

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