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What years were Vortec heads made?

What years were Vortec heads made?

The Debut. From 1996 to 2000, GM truck and van 350 engines came equipped with L-31 Vortec cylinder heads. Built of cast iron, these powerhouse heads upped the horsepower of these engines by magnitudes. This is primarily attributed to the high port flow in the .

When was Chevy 350 cast iron head rebuilt?

This auction is for a rebuilt Chevrolet 350 (5.7 liter) cast iron cylinder head for the years 1996 through 1999. For other models see our store listings. This head is completely rebuilt.

Where can I get a rebuilt cylinder head?

A LIKE CORE HEAD IS REQUIRED IN EXCHANGE. Read the paragraph titled INFORMATION. Since 1968, Cylinder Heads International has been selling quality rebuilt cylinder heads. By serving our customers better than our competitors, CHI has grown into one of the largest cylinder head rebuilders in the nation.

Do you need a new V-8 cylinder head?

Guides and seats have been replaced as needed. New VITON valve stem seals have been installed. All heads are given a three angle valve job. All valves have been vacuum checked to ensure proper sealing. A LIKE CORE HEAD IS REQUIRED IN EXCHANGE. Read the paragraph titled INFORMATION.

What kind of heads are used in racing?

2- Used GM BOW-TIE Aluminum Racing Heads Completely ported angle plug 60cc… 2 New Dart Aluminum Racing Heads 200 SB/C Complete with Stainless Valves… Brand New Brodix Head Hunter 383 CNC Ported Heads, CNC Ported and Valve…

When did Chevy stop using cylinder heads in cars?

These cylinder heads disappeared with 283ci Super Turbo-Fire in 1963 with the introduction of the 327ci small-block, but they reappeared with the 283ci engine option for Chevy passenger cars-including the Chevelle-in 1964. 1950/1960 Cylinder head castings. As the engines began to evolve, so did the cylinder heads.

How can you tell if a Chevy head is a performance head?

Chevy heads have often been identified by sight and most commonly by the different casting shapes on the ends of the cylinder heads. While these casting marks cannot tell specifics about the cylinder heads, they can help identify a performance head from a non-performance head.

Where are the casting numbers on Chevy cylinder heads?

With more than double the amount of production, this makes the small-block Chevy cylinder heads the world’s most used cylinder heads as well. Casting numbers in Gen I cylinder heads are found near the valve spring seats under the valve cover. The date code stamp is directly under the casting.

What kind of cylinder head does a Chevy small block have?

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