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What should I do if my car hydroplane?

What should I do if my car hydroplane?

Every driver should take extra precautions to prevent their vehicle from hydroplaning. If your vehicle does begin to hydroplane, follow the above safety tips to quickly recover control of the vehicle. Hydroplaning can be avoided by going at safe speeds for the type of road and tire tread.

Why do your tires hydroplane in the rain?

Rain mixes with oil and rubber on the road, creating a slicker surface. Once the water pools even a little, hydroplaning is possible. The faster you drive in wet conditions, the less time your tires have to channel the water away. No matter how good or new your tires are, they will hydroplane at a certain speed.

What does it mean when two vehicles hydroplaning?

Two vehicles aquaplaning. Aquaplaning or hydroplaning by the tires of a road vehicle, aircraft or other wheeled vehicle occurs when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs.

Why are bald tires more prone to hydroplaning?

Tires that are bald or have inadequate tread are unable to maintain good traction with the road, especially in slippery conditions. Having balding tires makes you much more prone to hydroplaning (as well as other tire-related problems like skidding on ice and getting flats).

What happens to your tires when you hydroplane?

What is hydroplaning? When your tires cannot maintain traction due to the volume of water on the road, your tires can lose traction with the pavement, effectively eliminating your ability to steer or sometimes brake. When hydroplaning takes over, you can feel temporarily helpless. While in hydroplane, the following effects are common:

When does a car hydroplane on a wet road?

If you can actually see standing water, it is highly probable that your vehicle will hydroplane as it drives over it. Sometimes hydroplaning occurs no matter how careful the driver is being. If your vehicle begins hydroplaning on a wet road surface, there are several steps to take to regain control:

Who is at fault in a hydroplaning accident?

Fault in a hydroplaning accident depends on several factors. For example, if there is a defect found in your tires, the manufacturer could be to blame. If the driver was shown to be speeding or otherwise negligible, then the driver would typically be found at-fault. Does my insurance cover a hydroplaning accident?

What should I do if I hydroplaning while driving?

If you were to begin hydroplaning while driving with the cruise control on, it will take additional time for you to disable the function before beginning to regain control of your vehicle. Try to avoid any place on the roadway that you can see has collected water.

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