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What kind of lighting does a corvette have?

What kind of lighting does a corvette have?

LED Lighting Interior & Exterior LED lights. Headlights, Emblems, Side Cove, Footwell, Trunk lighting & more. Lenses Taillight Lens, Head Light Lens, Headlight Covers, Lens Housing, Lens Grommet, Parking Light Bezels. License Plate Lights LED Lighting, License Plate Light Assembly, Light Bulbs, Light Housing, Lens Gasket, Lens Screws.

When did the fog light bulb come out on a corvette?

The earlier 1984-1990 design used a unique connection plug for the fog light bulb and is one of the points that need modified in a headlight wiring harness if converting an 84-90 front end to a 1991 or later.

Are there plastic headlight bulbs for corvettes?

As most owners know, the plastic headlight motor gears and bushings are a very common failure, and the reduced weight of the plastic bulbs in later years was in effort to reduce failures on the original plastic motor gears. The plastic Wagner bulbs are no longer in production and are becoming a more difficult part to find.

When did corvettes start using side marker lights?

Front: C4 Corvettes used 3 designs for the front bumper side marker lights. These were 1984-1987, 1988-1990 and 1991-1996. It is important to note that the 84-90 side marker lights appear identical on the outside surface.

Are there removable lights on a C4 Corvette?

The 1984-1990 round lights do not have a removable lens surface whereas the 1991-1996 lights do have a removable lens that can be easily changed out. Unlike some other years of corvettes, all tail lights are able to be applied to left or right sides for C4’s.

What kind of light does a 1990 Corvette ZR1 use?

Also note that the 1990 ZR1 used the untinted side marker light same as base model 1990’s even though the rear bumper was of the later style. Even with the change in tint, the same GM part number is present on these housings. Note the change in connection style to the housing for the small bulb socket.

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