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What kind of climate control does a Chevy Tahoe use?

What kind of climate control does a Chevy Tahoe use?

Thanks so much, Just got back from a Buddy’s place and he has a 2003 Tahoe with the climate control, swapped out the blower resistor and low an be hold BANG started to work!!! First thing in the morning I will get one…Thanks to you guys!!!:drink you dont have a resistor pack if you have the automatic climate control.

What causes a Chevy blower motor to overheat?

Either of the above may cause the relay resistor module or wiring connector to overheat, resulting in one or more of the following symptoms: In very rare events, if the above symptoms are ignored, a fire could occur.

Why does the blower motor stay on all the time?

So fired up the truck and the HVAC unit was working fine set the temp and the fan speed that all works fine, but turn the key off the blower motor should quit right?? No not with this one stays on till I pull the 40amp fuse.. ??? You are going to need to inspect the wiring connector at the resistor and blower motor.

Why does the Chevy Avalanche blower keep blowing?

The auto climate control fan speed is controlled via PWM with a solid-state driver. Completely different system, and different issue. I am running into a similar issue. 2003 Avalanche, fan keeps blowing even after engine is off, fan turns on and off intermittently. Dual climate control.

Why does my blower motor keep running high?

More than likely you have a control processor issue, which is basically the resistor. The HVAC control module is to send the speed control signal to the processor which then changes the fan speed. When this shorts it usually puts the fan to high speed.

Is there issue with auto climate control not changing from vent to vent?

Has anyone had an issue with the auto climate control not changing from vent to vent? Re: Fan Only Blows Defrost, Won’t Change To Floor Or Vent. Pull the negative battery cable and re-install, making sure it is very tight (also check the positive to make sure it is tight). See if this fixes the problem.

What should I do if my blower won’t shut off?

Refer to either the Blower Motor Control Processor Replacement or Blower Motor Processor Replacement-Auxiliary procedures in SI. After replacement of the blower motor control module, the customer may notice a slightly higher than expected blower motor speed at any of the blower speed settings.

When to replace the blower motor control module?

Important: Replace the blower motor control module if the vehicle experienced a blower motor control module failure in extremely cold ambient temperature conditions. Technicians are to replace the blower motor control module, also called the Linear Power Module (LPM), with the P/N listed below.

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