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What kind of car was the 1980 Corvette?

What kind of car was the 1980 Corvette?

1980 Corvette Main Specs MODEL: 1980 Chevrolet Corvette BODY STYLE: Two-door coupe, front engine, rear wheel MANUFACTURING LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri CONSTRUCTION: Uniconstruction: fiberglass reinforced p VEHICLE NUMBERS (VIN): 1Z878AS400001 – 1Z878AS440614 (coupe)

What was the 0-60mph time of a 1980 Corvette?

The 1980 Corvette clocked 0-60mph times at between 7.1 and 7.7 seconds (when equipped with the L82 .) However, others criticized the measure that had been taken to lighten the Corvette, and the overall emphasis on fuel efficiency. 1980 Corvette Brochure Cover. (Image courtesy of GM Media.)

Are there rear spoilers on a 1980 Corvette?

The previously optional front and rear spoilers were incorporated into the fender design of the 1980 Corvette.

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What was the year of the 1980 Corvette?

1980 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe The C3 Corvette, built between 1968 and 1982, was the third generation of Chevrolets venerable Corvette sports car. Occasionally seen as polarizing, the C3 garnered bo…

What was the front bumper of a 1980 Corvette?

Corvette for 1980. The legend lives on. As you can see, Corvette engineers have been successful once again in refining this legendary classic. The new aerodynamically designed front bumper cover now features an integral air fam and deeply recessed grille and parking lights.

Why was there no such thing as a 1983 corvette?

While the body style instantly said “Corvette,” the frame was far more exotic than the C2/C3 chassis, and it likely caused the biggest delay in the C4’s gestation. The C4 was originally designed to use t-tops, two-piece removable roof panels split by a central bar joining the windshield to the rear roof structure, as on the C3.

When did the first Corvette C3 come out?

And that’s an understatement. Introduced for 1968, the C3 was essentially a redesigned body and interior on the C2 Sting Ray chassis, which dated back to 1963. A dream car for many, the C3 Corvette drove plenty of sales for parent company General Motors through the 1970s.

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