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What is the word that means accusing?

What is the word that means accusing?

Words related to accuse allege, arraign, arrest, attack, blame, brand, charge, cite, complain, denounce, implicate, indict, name, prosecute, sue, summon, apprehend, attribute, betray, censure.

What is an example of accusing someone?

The definition of accuse is to say another person is at fault for doing something wrong. An example of accuse is to tell a spouse you think he is unfaithful. To charge with a shortcoming or error. To charge formally with a wrongdoing.

What are two synonyms for accuse?

Synonyms & Antonyms of accuse

  • charge,
  • criminate,
  • defame.
  • [archaic],
  • impeach,
  • incriminate,
  • indict.

What is the closest synonym for accused?

synonyms for accused

  • arraigned.
  • implicated.
  • incriminated.
  • indicted.
  • charged with.
  • held for questioning.
  • liable.
  • subject to accusation.

How do you use accuse?

Accuse sentence example

  1. I didn’t accuse anyone.
  2. It had provided the opportunity for him to accuse her of being unfaithful.
  3. His gaze narrowed, as if about to accuse her of lying.
  4. It was most unkind of you to cruelly diagnose him otherwise and accuse him of being a thief.

What does the term Sesquicentennial mean?

150th anniversary
Definition of sesquicentennial : a 150th anniversary or its celebration.

What is the noun of accuse?

accusation. The act of accusing. (law) A formal charge brought against a person in a court of law. An allegation.

Are accuse and blame the same?

BLAME – to say or think that a person is responsible for something wrong; hold someone responsible for an accident, bad situation or a problem. ACCUSE – to say that a person did something wrong or illegal; to charge with offense, fault or crime.

What is the opposite of accuser?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for accuser. peacemaker, reconciler, uniter.

What is the sentence of Accuse?

(1) I thought the doctor was going to accuse me of hypochondria. (2) Republicans accuse Democrats of using delaying tactics to prevent a final vote on the bill. (3) Politicians accuse the media of talking up the possibility of a riot. (4) I’ve been wrong to accuse him.

What do you call a 175 year anniversary?

Sesquicentennial. Term broken down as sesqui- (one and a half) centennial (100 years) 175 years.

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