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What is the p0315 crankshaft position system variation not learned?

What is the p0315 crankshaft position system variation not learned?

If it does not, then the problem was intermittent or the P0315 was a memory code, that is it was something in the past. If the code resets, that is comes right back the next time you start or try to start the engine, or the very next road test further inspection is required. Locate the Crankshaft Position Sensor on your particular vehicle.

What can cause a faulty crankshaft position sensor?

Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor – common failure point Open in the power or ground circuit to the crankshaft position sensor Open in the signal circuit between the crankshaft position sensor and the PCM A good starting point is always to check for technical service bulletins (TSB) for your particular vehicle.

What’s the fastest Z06 1 / 4 mile time?

Conditions and grip make a hell of a difference. Is that on the stock f1 tires. If so, then you have the highest recorded trap speed ever on a bone stock Zo6. Click to expand…

Is there a way to relearn the crankshaft position?

If the prior tests have passed and the code is still present, clear the diagnostic trouble codes from memory again and see if your scan tool provides support for Crankshaft Position Relearn. If it does, perform this procedure. Once again, Insure All Codes Are Cleared Prior to Performing this procedure!

Is the Z06 engine better than the LS7?

The older z06 engine ls6 has been known to make 600whp realibly, and one guy made 717whp through a automatic tranny! The LS7 can make more power, one of ls7’s benefits is sleeved cylinder walls, so 700whp is possible, and if you want to be conservative go for 650whp.

What kind of fuel is good for a Corvette Z06?

You can run racefuel but its extremely expensive and not practical for the street, plus ypu will have a unhealthy combustion temparture for a stock engine. Your best fuel to run will be E85 fuel, it has an octane rating of 107 and burns 200 degrees fahrenheit cooler then gasoline. This is an extremely good fuel for these two reasons.

How does the BCM grounds the run / crank relay?

After this information has been verified the BCM grounds the control side of the RUN/CRANK relay closing the switch side of it and allowing battery positive voltage to flow from the BATT 3 fuse through the RUN/CRANK relay switch, engine control module (ECM) fuse to the battery positive voltage side of the CRANK relay coil.

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