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What is a 1/2 gear ratio?

What is a 1/2 gear ratio?

The gear ratio is therefore 2:1 (pronounced “two to one”). If you watch the figure, you can see the ratio: Every time the larger gear goes around once, the smaller gear goes around twice. If both gears had the same diameter, they would rotate at the same speed but in opposite directions.

Where can I find the axle gear ratio?

GM RPO Axle Codes. To find the axle gear ratio of any GM vehicle, locate the RPO sticker (typically located in the glove box) and write down any codes starting with F, G, or H. Then, find those codes in the table below.

How to find out the gear ratio with the VIN number?

While it may be possible to derive information about an auto’s gearbox ratio from its VIN, that depends largely on the information the manufacturer includes in the vehicle descriptor section (VDS) of the VIN. Find the VIN of your vehicle.

How to calculate gear ratio for ring and pinion?

Use our simple Gear Ratio Calculator to quickly find the correct gear ratio for your ring and pinion gear set. Save yourself the headache and let us figure out your ring-and-pinion gear ratio! Select the value you want to solve for. For the Tire field, enter your tire diameter in inches.

What’s the axle ratio on a GM transaxle?

GM RPO Codes – Factory Identification Labels and Interpretation RPO Code Description Ratio G11 Transaxle Final Drive 2.56 G44 Axle Rear 3.07 G72 Axle Rear 2.14 G75 Axle Rear 3.62

Where do I find my rear end gear ratio?

You can typically find your RPO code on driver side door panel or glove box. General Motors rear end differentials are referred to by the diameter of the ring gear, i.e. 7.5 inch, 8.5 inch, 10.5 inch. Our experts will help you find the correct ring and pinion set for your particular application. Give us a call at 800-216-1632 to get started.

When do you need a higher gear ratio?

If you’re looking for better gas mileage, you want to switch to a higher gear ratio. If your looking for more power or performance, you would switch to a lower ratio. It’s just backwards from the way we think, if you have a 4.10 ratio and need better fuel mileage you would switch to a 3.42 or 3.73 gear ratio.

How can I check my stock axle ratio?

On the tag there should be some numbering such as 3.54 or 3.73, either of those numbers will give you the stock axle ratio. To verify, or to see if that ratio has changed, you can jack up the rear axle and support it with jack stands. With the transmission in neutral, rotate the rear driveshaft by hand.

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