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What happens when you let off the throttle on a corvette?

What happens when you let off the throttle on a corvette?

I let off the throttle, my TPS signal went back to idle, and the car smoothed out and ran perfect. Put it in park, and held the throttle to about 3k on the tach, and it purred like a kitten. Now what do you think about that?

What’s the power loss on a 94 corvette?

This time, after about 5-10 mins, it starts popping and backfiring again, and I swear I’m only running on four cylinders it feels like. So I get home ASAP, test the MSD coil, it’s at 9500 ohms, and it idles just fine.

What kind of rotor does a 94 Corvette have?

So I just got this sweet 94 Corvette, and am LOVING it. My first one. When I first got it, it had some misfire at higher RPM’s so I installed a new MSD cap, rotor, and coil, as well as Taylor 8.2 wires and TR55’s gapped at 050.

What causes a 94 Corvette LT1 to backfire?

The only reason it will backfire is because of the throttle position, as long as I held it with a slight steady load, it never popped or backfired, it just ran like crap, and sounded like it was missing on at least 2, possibly 3 cylinders. I wouldn’t say it’s rich either, seems lean if anything, no fuel or flooding smell.

Why was the C4 Corvette’s throttle body heated?

During the C4’s production run, heating of the engine’s throttle body was facilitated by directing warm coolant through the throttle body unit itself. This was done in an attempt to prevent the butterfly contained within, from icing up under strenuous operating conditions.

What kind of engine did the 1990 Corvette have?

Lastly, the optional leather seats became available for all 1990 models. The 1990 Corvette 245 HP, L98 V-8 Engine. Without question, the most significant change for 1990 was the introduction of an entirely new option (RPO ZR1) that would transform the Corvette line for all time.

Is the turbo V6 too harsh for a corvette?

Ultimately, the turbo V6 was dismissed as running too harsh for conventional use in the Corvette. Besides, it was long believed that no Corvette owner would ever be satisfied with a 6-cylinder Corvette, regardless of horsepower.

What causes a 1994 Chevy C / K 1500 to bog down?

– CarGurus 1994 Chevy C1500 5.7 bogs/backfires when I give it gas. My truck bogs down (and tries to die) when I give it gas to accelerate off of a stop. There is often a backfire or two when this happens. Pumping the gas does not help. I basically have to crawl through any intersection until it picks up a bit of speed from idle. The truck

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