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What does the model number mean on a Toyota forklift?

What does the model number mean on a Toyota forklift?

Toyota forklift year. Decoding forklift model numbers can be difficult to begin with and it seems as though Toyota only makes it harder. Each year Toyota creates a model number with a different set of letters and numbers that all stand for something.

What kind of parts does a Toyota forklift use?

Toyota is one of the leading forklift parts manufacturers in… There are many parts to any forklifts, thousands in fact, bu… Solid Lift Parts Inc. has a huge storage of Toyota Forklift Toyota Forklift Hydraulic Pump is used to complete very impo… Toyota Forklift Hydraulic Parts consist of hydraulic cylinde…

When did the first Toyota forklift come out?

In 1956, it officially joined the material handling industry by manufacturing its first forklift model, LA 1-ton forklift truck, followed by the model LAT 0.85-ton towing tractor the next year.Within a decade, Toyota was all set to launch its first electric counter balanced forklift truck, which was formally introduced in 1967.

What does the number 8 mean on a Toyota forklift?

As you can see in the diagram above, most models begin with a number signifying which model series it belongs to. For example, an “8” means that this forklift is an “8-series” model. Since model numbers are sequential, a higher number generally translates to a newer model.

How big is a Toyota 3fgc 15 forklift?

Toyota: ton..42 3fgc 15 model and I need to take my radiator out. I have a Toyota forklift 1.5 ton. It is a 42 3FGC 15 model and I need to take my radiator out. I have been told that I did not need to take of the … read more I’m working on a Toyota 7 series propane forklift with the 4Y-ECS (EEC system (electronic throttle control)).

What does the B mean on a Toyota forklift?

The model series is followed by a series of letters, the first of which designates the category of the industrial vehicle. A “B” after the model series designator indicates the forklift has baselegs, which is commonly seen in model numbers for reach trucks and walkie stackers.

Where can I find parts for a Toyota forklift?

Toyota manufactures hundreds of thousands of parts for forklifts and other material handling equipment. To find parts that fit your equipment, please enter your model and serial number below, or search by part number.

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