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What does the brake warning light on a corvette mean?

What does the brake warning light on a corvette mean?

Brake warning light. This is the temperature warning light. It indicates that the engine’s temperature is higher than it should be. If you see the same exact symbol, only in blue instead of red, it indicates that the coolant level is below what it needs to be.

Why does my brake light come on when my fluid level is low?

The fluid level in the master cylinder may be low or the level sensor may be malfunctioning. 4th Gens have a brake fluid sensor which will cause the brake light to illuminate if the level is too low. It may also come on if the sensor is bad. Lift vehicle hood and check fluid level. If fluid level is good, pull the connector to the level indicator.

How does a brake light flasher prevent an accident?

BRAKE LIGHT – Flasher connects to existing third brake light and generates light flashing effect to alert those behind you when the brakes are activated. SAFETY FIRST – Microprocessor based safety alert device. Install today to prevent accident. SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Easy installation – just three wires to connect!

Why does my brake light and turn signal switch not work?

Without knowing exactly what wiring work was performed its nearly impossible to say definitively what the issue is. The brake light circuit and the turn signal circuit have crossed paths somewhere. The wires carrying the power supply from the turn signal switch is connected or touching the brake wires.

Is the brake light the same as the emergency flasher?

The emergency flashers often use the same wiring, bulbs and sockets as the brakes. If all lights come on, when the emergency flashers are turned on, this shows the bulbs, wires and sockets are good. Check for a blown fuse and be careful, as many vehicles have more than one fuse box. The owner’s manual or service data will show fuse box location.

Where is the fuse on the brake light?

You will get the fuse panel under the dashboard and the PDC under the hood. The brake light switch is also to be found under the dashboard and check if its plunger touches the brake pedal arm. Any problem with the fuse box and light switch will affect the brake lights. In case if the fuse is blown, change it with a new one.

Where are the brake lights and tail lights?

In most European cars, the same bulb does the job of the tail and brake lighting. However, it has double filaments, allowing one set still working while the other set is burnt. You have to find the fuse box or the power distribution center (PDC). You will get the fuse panel under the dashboard and the PDC under the hood.

How can I tell if my brake lights are bad?

To check for a damaged fuse do the following: Locate the fuse cabin fuse panel. Grab your test light and check the brake light fuse. If it is good, then move on to the next step. If it’s blown, replace it. Figure 1. Check for blown fuses. They could be burnt out. Bulb replacements are often overlooked.

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