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What does p0355 mean on a check engine light?

What does p0355 mean on a check engine light?

In addition to an illuminated check engine light, the most common symptom is an ignition misfire. Often, P035x codes will also be accompanied by a misfire code (P0300-P0308). How do you troubleshoot code P0355 ?

Why does the Noid light on my injector not blink?

If the noid light does not illuminate (or is comes on but doesn’t blink) there is a problem. Either the injector is not properly grounding the circuit, or there is no power to the injector. This can easily be checked using a simple test light.

What are the common causes of code p0205?

To sum things up, the common causes for code P0205 are as follows: Failed injector Fault in the injector circuit Problem with the PCM (injector driver)

How does the ignition coil work on a p0350?

Connect the red lead of the LED into the B+ terminal on the harness side of the coil connector. Then, connect the black lead of the LED into the B- terminal on the connector. Have an assistant crank the engine while you monitor the test light. If the light illuminates, the control side of the circuit is good.

What causes a p0205 engine light code?

The causes of a P0205 engine light code could be any of the following: Bad injector. This is usually the cause of this code but doesn’t rule out the possibility of one of the other causes. Open in the wiring to the injector. Short in the wiring to the injector.

What does the OBD code p0305 mean?

What the P0305 code means. P0305 is a generic OBD-II code that the engine control module (ECM) detected a misfire on cylinder number 5 of the engine.

What does p0205 mean on a Dodge Nitro?

P0205 is a generic diagnostic trouble code which indicates that the injector circuit for cylinder 5 has out of range voltage or resistance. This is detected by the Engine Control Module (ECM) as it tries to control the circuit. P0205 can be seen with misfire, and lean/rich condition codes.

When to use Noid lights to diagnose p0205?

Specialized tools such as an advanced scanner are used to diagnose P0205 right the first time. Scan tools must be able to view live data and changes over time for this code, and not just read the code. Noid lights are useful tool for when an injector seems to test okay with the voltage test, but issues are still present.

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