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What does black smoke from my exhaust mean?

What does black smoke from my exhaust mean?

A coolant leak can also mix with oil and cause serious headaches for you and your car. What does BLACK smoke from my exhaust mean? Black exhaust smoke means the engine is burning too much fuel. The first think you should check is your air-filter and other intake components like sensors, fuel injectors and the fuel-pressure regulator.

What does it mean when your car has blue smoke coming from the tailpipe?

Blue-gray or gray-white smoke. Blue-gray or gray-white smoke usually means the engine is burning oil. If you have a turbocharged engine, a faulty turbo seal could be causing this, but if you have a more common engine, it’s likely one or more of the following problems:

What does it mean when you have smoke coming from your engine?

Billowing fumes almost always mean there’s something seriously wrong with your car. But the color of that smoke might help you understand what type of repair can help fix it. Many engine problems create abnormal or excessive exhaust smoke. In your engine, fuel is burned in each cylinder, creating exhaust gases.

What should I do if I see smoke coming from my exhaust?

If you’re seeing this kind of smoke, check your oil regularly and watch for consumption issues. While an issue that normally should require immediate attention and expensive repairs, including some internal replacement parts, if your vehicle is old and the leak is minimal, it can be carefully managed by topping up the oil on a regular basis.

When did the Chevy Lumina engine come out?

The Chevy Lumina was introduced by General Motors in 1990 and ran until 2001. This model had two different on-board diagnostic systems. Prior to 1996, OBD (on-board diagnostics) was integrated to help determine check engine codes. In 1996, the OBD II phase standardized and simplified the troubleshooting system.

What causes a car to have black smoke coming from the exhaust?

6 Most Common Causes Of Black Smoke From Exhaust 1. Clogged Air Filters 2. Damaged Fuel Injectors 3. Faulty MAF Sensors 4. Bad EGR Valve 5. Damaged Piston Rings 6. Engine Deposits

How to reset the service engine light on a Chevy Lumina?

Leave the negative battery terminal disconnected for 10 to 15 minutes. Reconnect the negative battery terminal and recheck the service-engine-soon light by starting the car. Locate the diagnostic link connector (DLC) beneath the driver’s side dashboard. Plug the OBD II code reader and reset tool into the DLC.

What causes black smoke in the combustion chamber?

Piston Rings are designed to prevent the infiltration of engine oil inside the combustion chamber. If there is any problem with the piston rings, the engine oil starts flowing into the combustion chamber. The combustion of the mixture of this engine oil and the fuel delivers black smoke. 6. Engine Deposits

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