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MOST Common Misconception About Dropshipping Debunked

MOST Common Misconception About Dropshipping Debunked

This article will debunk the most common myths about dropshipping and what it takes to succeed. One thing is worth getting out of the way straight away – there is substitute for hard work and dedication, for that reason you certainly need to learn how to drive traffic to your shopify store, one way or another.

Google Ads doesn’t like dropshipping

It’s in their terms of service that they don’t like Drop Shipping and guess what? It’s been there since again the past 10 years. I have never had a problem with Google ads accounts for that. Neither have any of my students that use the system what they don’t like is the model of trying to get into Arbitrage deals like “buy something on eBay and sell it on Amazon.” There is no substitute for hard work and dedication, which means that you still have to conduct shopify product research.

Dropship from Amazon and sell it on Etsy and all that stuff. They don’t like that because it’s not a real business again. Is that type of dropshipping dead because Google doesn’t like them to advertise with them? I wouldn’t say it’s dead but it’s not a real business. But again it never was okay. It was just a little way to try to have a hack and get some easy money, but no don’t do that. And is it dead? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s not what we do here.

Stripe closed my account because I’m dropshipping.

They didn’t close your account because your dropshipping, we’ve had stripe since 2012. So have tons of our students. The reason stripe closes accounts is because there’s too much risk and they see that there’s risk when there’s a ton of refunds a ton of chargebacks and you know, what type of stores get a ton of refunds and a type of ton of chargebacks – ones that don’t care about their customers ones that take three weeks to ship items ones that don’t answer support tickets. So is that model dead?

Yes, but that’s the model of ripping people off. And that has been dead again since before there was even a little window to try to game the system – that’s not sustainable. So yes that model of not taking care of your customers and hoping you get rich. Guess what that form of Drop Shipping is dead. Oh no, right. It doesn’t matter. You still need to use shopify chrome extension, for greater success. The model of having a real business that provides real value to your customers though. When you ship them products when the customers get them in three to five days when you have customer support then not only will you thrive on all of these

platforms on Shopify with stripe with Google with Facebook, but you’ll be rewarded in terms of customers coming back to you sending more people your way and seeing your business grow.

Amazon doesn’t allow Drop Shipping is Drop Shipping dead?

Amazon’s never liked Drop Shipping and it doesn’t matter again. You don’t want to be in the Arbitrage model. You don’t want to sell something on your site and have it shipped from Amazon. You don’t want to sell something on Amazon then find somebody on eBay to fulfill the order that’s Good way of doing business whether it’s dropshipping or not. So just don’t do it and it doesn’t matter that’s always been dead. You also need to use specialised tools like Oberlo and other oberlo alternatives.

Now hope that answers to the question. No Drop Shipping is not dead. If you do it the right way. If you actually care about building a business that provides real value to your customers, you will be in business. You will be rewarded in terms of profits in terms of an asset, which is your business in terms of people coming back to do more business with you. There’s no end in sight for building legitimate businesses online with the Dropship business model.

If this model is not dead then why every time I go on YouTube do I see 20 15 year old kids telling me that I should join their course about how to make all this money Drop Shipping?

If they’re all making all this money. Why are they selling courses on it? Yeah. Listen, I have a problem with that too. I do believe that the model of Drop Shipping from China with three weekly times with bad support. I believe that has been dead for a very long time and I believe that a lot of these kids you see popping up telling you hey by my thing they are not doing well with their business surprise surprise, right? So that’s my thought on that. It’s not what I would recommend doing at any point in my e-commerce career over the past 12 years. I do think there’s ways to do it right but I think most people that you see

Out there, you know when you see when you get flooded with a million people saying Hey by my thing, I think a lot of them don’t have a thing besides that, and I think the reason is because again, they’re not trying to drop ship the right way. They’re trying to use a model that maybe had a small window where it worked where they were gaining the system by basically just trying to sell as much crap as possible and not caring what customers thought about it. So never did that never recommend doing that if you stick with real quality products from quality brands.

And focus on your business again, you’re not going to have that issue and you’re going to see a lot less people that that actually do this the right way, but hey, that’s a good thing for you. Right? So with that being said again, you know don’t look for loopholes look for building something real work with quality Brands, care about your customers use those ingredients. And if you do Drop Shipping is far from dead our businesses have only been growing since I first got into this and again, I don’t see slowing down anytime soon.

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