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Is the rear axle housing in need of repair?

Is the rear axle housing in need of repair?

The time has come that your factory axle is in need of repair. You have decided that the 30-year-old housing is worn and it may need to be replaced or upgraded. Now it is time to start scouring friends’ garages and the local scrap yards to find your axle treasure.

What happens when suspension is transferred to axle housing?

When the suspension loads are transferred to the axle housing, it implies that the vehicle loads are also transferred to the housing. The more heavily loaded the vehicle, the more loads the axle must resist.

Are there any rear ends that can be replaced?

THE STRONGER REAR-END REPLACEMENT! All components are new manufactured items (No remanufactured, refurbished or rebuilt components).

How long does it take for rear end to ship?

NHRA mandates that vehicles traveling faster than 6.50 or 210 MPH in the 1/4 mile are required to run a “Floater or Live Axle” Rear End. This Custom Fabricated Item will ship 3-5 days after order completion, if ordered with the powder coating option product will ship in 5-7 days.

How is the drive pinion connected to the differential housing?

The drive pinion is assembled with the differential housing called differential case or carrier. The driver shaft is connected with the drive pinion by a universal joint and it meshes with the ring gear. So, the drive pinion is rotated when the drive shaft turns. Thus, the ring gear is rotated.

Where does the differential gear box come from?

The differential is made up of a system of gears that connect the propeller shaft and rear axles. It is a part of inner axle housing assembly.

How much torque do you need for pinion gear?

Then loctite the pinion nut and tighten to 15 inch-pounds rotating torque with used bearings or 25 inch-pounds with new bearings. 6.With the pinion gear installed, position ring gear and carrier into housing to check backlash.

What’s the best way to install ring gear?

1.Remove the old gear set and thoroughly clean both the ring gear carrier and rear end housing with solvent. After cleaning, air-dry all parts. 2.Examine the ring gear mounting surface for nicks or burrs which might prevent a flush mounting of the newly installed ring gear.

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