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Is it hard to separate from your husband?

Is it hard to separate from your husband?

Deciding to separate from your husband is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. When you’re married, your lives become intertwined, and the thought of leaving that can be terrifying. If you still love your husband, separating can feel heartbreaking. What is separation in marriage?

What happens to a joint mortgage after a separation?

Paying the mortgage after separation. After you’ve separated, it’s important to still keep repaying the mortgage on time, even if you’re still deciding what to do. A joint mortgage means you’re both liable for the mortgage until it has been completely paid off – regardless of whether you still live in the property.

What to do with your assets when separating?

Dividing your property and assets when you’re separating can be complicated. Work together to agree to who gets what. This can save you the time, money and effort needed to go through the court system. List and value your assets. Include your home, car, furniture, super, investments and joint debts.

What happens when you decide to separate from your partner?

The decision to separate is never an easy one. Whether the decision was yours or your partner’s, you’re still likely to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Even when a separation has been expected, it’s common to feel a sense of shock or numbness as you begin to work through the practicalities that the decision involves.

What happens when an in-house separation starts?

Sometimes when an in-house separation begins, the children may relax some. There may have been tension or arguments before and now things may seem more settled.

Why do couples opt for in house separation?

A couple may opt for in-house separation because: They have minor children still living in the home and prefer to stay under the same roof to better coordinate and meet childcare needs. There are limited resources to pay for a second residence.

Is it possible to separate and stay in the same house?

However, there are ways to make this situation work and it is possible to separate from your partner but stay in the same house as them. These types of trial separations can help you to decide what you really want.

How to make in-house separation work for kids?

The meta-message is that the parents are working on it, that they’re having an adult problem, that they still love and want to take care of the children even if things seem different for a while—and that this has nothing to do with them. Sometimes when an in-house separation begins, the children may relax some.

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