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How serious is rear main seal leak?

How serious is rear main seal leak?

Hear this out loudPauseDriving with a rear main seal leak can be dangerous, since it leads to a low oil level in very little time. The low oil levels can severely harm your engine, causing a more expensive replacement and repair in the future.

How often does a diesel truck leak oil?

Hey my truck has leaked oil some since I bought it, maybe 1 quart per 1000 miles or so, but its gotten worse of late, now its going through a quart or two every 250miles or so. Its leaking enough that after a long drive the whole underside of the truck is covered in oil.

Is there a coolant leak in my Chevy Silverado?

Another the engine coolant leak, just started 2 month ago. PLEASE BE CONSCIOUS ABOUT THIS: All the truck cost about the same at brandnew, just spend may be $500 extra to get a Toyota or a Nissan they will be worthwhile. They kept better value and will not going to turn out like a piece a sht like Chevrolet, Ford, or Dodge. They all junk.

What causes an oil leak in a WP?

Well the oil cooler is there behind the WP… might be loose. Front DS of the pan could be the oil pressure sender as it’s common for leaks but most likely its the vac pump. If you haven’t tabbed the KDP DO IT.

How to change the oil in a Duramax engine?

Do not break the drain plug loose using an open end wrench. Drain plug head sizes will vary. In our case, the original required a 16 mm socket/wrench while the GM replacement had a 13 mm head. • Once the engine oil has drained from the oil pan, clean and/or replace the drain plug.

What kind of oil do I need for a 6.6L Duramax?

Oil selection guide and viscosity chart for all model year 6.6L Duramax diesels in addition to oil change procedures. A full synthetic 15W-40 engine oil is recommended for engines operating above 0 degrees F while a 5W-40 engine oil is required for engines operating in weather conditions below 0 degrees F.

Where is the oil filter on a Duramax 4 wheel drive?

• Remove the oil filter (located to the left of the engine above the front driveshaft on 4 wheel drive trucks) by unscrewing it from its mount. If the filter is stubborn, use an oil filter wrench or wrap a piece of sandpaper around the circumference of the filter to prevent your hand from slipping.

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