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How much transmission fluid does a NAG1 transmission hold?

How much transmission fluid does a NAG1 transmission hold?

For the NAG1 (W5A580) 5-speed transmission a standard fluid/filter change will take 7.4 quarts of ATF +4 Automatic Transmission Fluid.

How much boost can a stock 6.1 handle?

According to them and several others, the 6.1 is good to about 500 RWHP. That’s approx. 550 at the crank which is about what the stock rods are good to. This is pretty much the limit of what the engineers say.

What kind of transmission does a Dodge Nag 1 have?

We have written several articles about the NAG 1 five-speed automatic transmission used in Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. It comes in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations and may also be referred to as the WA580, W5A580, 5G-Tronic or 722.6 transmission.

Is the Mercedes 722.6 NAG1 5G-Tronic auto transmission manual?

Mercedes Benz 722.6 NAG1 5G-Tronic Automatic Shift Transmission Service & Repair Manuals Collection This is a Complete Comprehensive Mercedes Benz 5 Speed Automatic Transmission Service and Repair Manual Collection. This collection is available on CD or by download depending on your preference.

Is the 722.6 transmission still in use?

Due to its high torque capacity (up to 1000 Nm) and lower cost, the 722.6 transmission was still retained for application with turbocharged V12 engines, four-cylinder applications and commercial vehicles. It is still being built for niche applications (e.g. Sprinter with gasoline / CNG M111 engine, Jeep Wrangler, etc.).

How is the actual gear identified in ATSG?

The actual gear is identified by verifying the signals of the two input speed sensors 1 (N2) and 2 (N3), as well as the transmission output speed (from the ABS system). If the actual gear differs from the gear calculated by the TCM, the TCM value is adjusted to the engaged gear and a counter is increased by 2 points.

Where is the NAG1 transmission located on a Dodge Trans?

It’s a Mercedes unit also known as the WA580 or W5A580. The NAG1 transmission can usually be identified by a round 13-way connector near the front corner of the transmission oil pan, on the right side. The gear ratios are a departure from the ratios found in a traditional Dodge trans:

What are the benefits of a Nag 1 transmission?

Some benefits offered by the NAG1 transmissions are: Increased gas mileage. Increased service life. Increased shift control. Reduced maintenance costs. Enhances step-ups through the five gears. Despite the benefits of the NAG 1 transmissions, some problems were evident in them.

What does the W stand for in the NAG1 transmission?

The NAG1 can also be called by other names such as the WA580, W5A380, or W5A580. The W5A580 stands for: W = Transmission using a hydraulic torque converter. 5 = 5 forward gears. A = Automatic transmission. 580 = Maximum input torque capacity in Newton meters.

Which is better 545RFE or NAG1 transmission?

This difference doesn’t mean much to the casual observer, but that little extra .59 in first gear translates into more torque hitting the pavement from a dead stop. However, the Overdrive is also not as “over” of a drive as the 545RFE. So, what you gain on the bottom end, you end up losing on the top end (to a lesser extent).

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