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How much do load bars weigh?

How much do load bars weigh?

The load bars are made of painted carbon steel. They measure 4″ wide x 3.6″ high x 40″ long and are designed to operate in temperatures from 14 to 104 degrees F. The system is ideal for weighing in remote locations, farms, livestock, or for any odd shaped products. The complete system weighs approximately 83 lbs.

How much does a livestock scale cost?

Livestock scales range from $500 to $3,000. They are not a cheap piece of equipment, and there are a lot of different options to consider. “They are not cheap,” Knight says. “But you have to look at it like anything in the cattle business, as an investment.”

Which cattle scale is best?

Best Livestock Scales for Small-Medium Sized Animals

  • Top Pick: Prime Scales PS-AS 700.
  • Runner-Up: IBE Supply 660.
  • Also Great: Amston ASLVS-XL 700.
  • Top Pick: A and A Scales FSK-BASIC.
  • Runner-Up: Optima OP-919.
  • Also Great: Optima OP-920-1000.
  • Platform Requirements.
  • Permanent vs Portable Scales.

What are load bars?

Load locks, also called load distribution bars or cargo load locks, are square bars with an extendible fitting on each end that lock into a track system on the interior of a trailer. Load locks for trailers are made of steel or high performance aluminum.

How much does a livestock scale weigh?

Livestock Scale Weigh Bars Chute Scale Cattle Scale Portable Scale 40″ L 5,000 lb

Brand Optima
Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 83 Pounds

What is livestock scale?

Livestock scales are either electronic or mechanical and are designed for weighing large animals such as cattle or horses, as well as smaller animals, such as sheep and goats.

What is a load bar used for?

Load bars for trucks are a key element in keeping heavy or bulky items confined to one area of your cargo space. Load lock cargo bars can prevent cargo from shifting and causing damage to the interior of your truck or other transport items in the event a truck rolls over a curb or hits a bump.

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