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How does the clutch actuation system work in a car?

How does the clutch actuation system work in a car?

When the driver releases the clutch pedal, the pressure inside the master cylinder and slave cylinder decreases and allows the diaphragm spring to push back (in case of a push-type clutch), through the clutch fork, the piston/pushrod into the slave cylinder. The clutch actuation system is static, relative to the body of the vehicle.

How is the clutch master cylinder connected to the clutch pedal?

The clutch master cylinder (CMC) is connected directly to the clutch pedal through the piston and pushing rod. The pushing force of the driver acts on the piston which compresses the hydraulic fluid inside the master cylinder.

How is pressure transferred to the clutch slave cylinder?

Some variants of clutch master cylinders have travel sensors which send the position of the clutch pedal (piston) back to an electronic control unit (ECU). The pressure build up in the master cylinder is transferred through the pipes (hoses) to the clutch slave cylinder (CSC).

What kind of fluid is used for clutch actuation?

Due to the increase of pressure in the slave cylinder, the pushrod is pushed outside acting on the clutch fork, which releases the pressure plate and opens the clutch. The hydraulic fluid used for actuation is usually brake fluid or mineral oil.

How does a clutch master cylinder work in a clutch system?

Clutch Master Cylinders In a hydraulic clutch system, the clutch master cylinder turns your press of the pedal into the hydraulic pressure that causes the clutch slave cylinder or throwout bearing to disengage the clutch disc from the flywheel. Stock Replacement and Repair When it takes a

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