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How do you tell if you have a blown head gasket on a DuraMAX?

How do you tell if you have a blown head gasket on a DuraMAX?

If your temperature gauge suddenly starts running colder than it always has, you may have a head gasket problem. The quickest and easiest way to check for combustion pressure in the coolant system is to squeeze the upper radiator hose while the truck is running.

What are the symptoms of a bad coolant tank?

Below are common symptoms that may appear with a faulty coolant expansion tank. As coolant gets hot due to it absorbing heat from the engine, the liquid expands and creates additional pressure in the radiator.

What happens when coolant comes out of the engine?

The engine overheats regularly. You can check by monitoring your engine temperature gauge. Losing coolant. Instead of mixing with motor oil, the coolant may simply leak out of the engine. You can detect this by checking your coolant levels. White smoke with water droplets comes out of your exhaust pipe.

Why is coolant stored in the engine bay?

Since the engine generates a lot of heat when running, it also requires coolant. This fluid is intended to control the temperature of the engine and prevent it when overheating. It is stored in a reservoir in the engine bay. As the coolant absorbs heat from the engine, it expands.

What does it mean when oil is mixed with coolant?

If there is oil mixing with coolant, it may indicate that the head gasket is damaged. You can detect this by using your dipstick to check your oil level. If the dipstick has froth, it may be an indicator that there is coolant in your motor oil. The signs that may indicate there is a blown head gasket:

Why is the head gasket on my LB7 not working?

This allows the layers of the gasket to separate which lets combustion pressure into the coolant system. The pressure will cause the coolant to be pushed out the coolant overflow. You can check for a head gasket issue by squeezing the top radiator hose when the engine is running and right after you shut it off.

What happens when you release pressure in coolant tank?

When you release the pressure in a hot engine, the coolant will boil and puke out coolant. Nascar engines run around 75 lbs pressure, but also must run straight water. Hate to be the first one to say this.

What kind of pump does the LB7 engine use?

The LB7 uses a 23,000psi rail along with a Bosch CP3 injection pump, also known as a high pressure fuel pump. Aside from the carbon buildup caused by DI, the fuel injectors themselves are also very common failure points, even on non-GM engines. The LB7 injectors had two potential design flaws that could cause injector failure.

How much pressure should I put on my coolant tank?

The cooling system runs up to 15 lbs of pressure– and should release any pressure over that. The cap also is suppose to let air back into the system as it cools off. If the cap is stuck, it will cause a collapsed hose when cool. If any doubt replace the cap.

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