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How do you change the bearing race on a rotor?

How do you change the bearing race on a rotor?

You don’t want grease to be between the race and the hub surface because it will lubricate the race which is a press fit. This will cause the race to become lose and ruin the rotor. Set the new bearing race cone facing outward squarely into the rotor hub. Next, position the old bearing race on top off the new race.

How do you remove the wheel hub from a Toyota 4WD?

You can now remove the wheel hub from the spindle. Take hold of the wheel hub or rotor, and pull the assembly off of the spindle. If you have not yet removed the outer bearing, be careful it does not fall out as you pull the assembly off of the spindle.

Where does the new brake rotor go after it is removed?

After the rotor is removed, clean the hub surface of any corrosion or debris so the new rotor can sit flush on the hub surface.

How do you put front wheel bearings back in place?

Spin while installing until you feel the bearing and seal set back into place. Once the bearing hub rotor assembly is back into place, install the spindle washer which will have a tang on it that matches the groove in the spindle.

What causes wheel hub assembly to wear out?

In theory, this single wheel hub assembly should last the lifespan of the vehicle, however, like any other mechanical device, it is subject to wear and tear and can break or wear out prematurely. The wheel hub assembly is prone to damage caused by multiple driving situations such as: Hitting pot holes.

What kind of hub assembly does a car have?

Today’s modern cars, and those manufactured after 1997 are equipped with a single bearing and hub assembly that is attached to each wheel and tire on a vehicle.

How to replace a front axle on a Dodge Ram?

This video covers how to replace a front axle universal joint and a hub or wheel bearing in a 1999 dodge ram 1500 4 wheel drive. Very similar to a 2500. It may be less damaging to loosen the hub bolts and tap on them with a hammer vs the method shown in this vid. Loading…

What makes a wheel hub make a roaring sound?

This part will make a roaring sound, similar to a metal-to-metal grinding sound when the bearing is wearing out. This sound is caused by lack of lubrication inside the bearing, a misaligned bearing or one that has cracked due to impact with another object.

How do you change wheel bearings on a car?

To change wheel bearings, start by lifting the wheel up on a jack, unscrewing the lug nuts, and taking the wheel off. Then, remove the brake caliper, the dust cover over the rotor, and the cotter pin and castle nut behind the dust cover. Next, pull the rotor off, remove the old hub, and take apart the hub assembly to access the wheel bearings.

Where are the bearings located in the wheel?

Usually located in the wheel’s hub, rotor, or brake drum, bearings help the wheel rotate smoothly when the vehicle moves. If you notice a humming or whirring noise while you are driving or your ABS light turns on, it may be time to change your bearings.

What should I do if I need to replace my brake rotors?

Loosen the lug nuts a little before lifting a wheel, if using a jack (the ground holds the wheels from turning while using your lug wrench). Block the other wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling when lifting only one wheel, or only one end of the car, at a time. You may need to release the parking brake for the wheels you are servicing.

How to change the brake disc rotor on a 97?

When putting the wheel bearing locknut back on, be sure to spin it on with your fingers first to ensure that you don’t cross the threads.

How to replace your wheel hub and bearings?

1 Step 1 – Remove wheel from truck. 2 Step 2 – Unbolt caliper from brake disc. 3 Step 4 – Pop off wheel bearing cap. 4 Step 6 – Unbolt hub from wheel spindle 5 Step 5 – Remove wheel hub and bearing. 6 Step 6 – Install new hardware. 7 Featured Video: How to Replace Wheel Hub and Bearings

How do you replace a wheel bearing on a Ford F150?

Pull the hub assembly out of the spindle opening. Use the proper spindle lock nut socket for your truck and unscrew the lock nut until it’s loose in the hub. Use needle nose pliers to remove the lock nut (if the lock nut is already loose, it may have been the source of the bad wheel bearing).

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