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Can you replace upholstery on a Chevy S10?

Can you replace upholstery on a Chevy S10?

Chevrolet S10 upholstery replacements for your truck will give your vehicle interior a new and fresh update. Each of our Chevrolet S10 upholstery sets is manufactured to original pattern specifications and we offer a choice of fabric colors. Our Chevrolet S10 upholstery will instantly renew your vehicle to show room condition.

Is there an amp in the back of my Blazer?

Well, just before this starting happening, my son and I installed a sub and amp in the back of the Blazer.

Is there a problem with my Chevy Blazer 4×4?

Yes my name is kyle and I have a 1999 chevy blazer 4×4 and i have the same tccm problems like everybody else but my only problem is that i need the new 32 pin femal plug and the 4pin female cause my tccm is in working condition. I can’t find then plugs and wires anyplace i know what are odds there.

Why does my blazer have a bad bearing?

OK; got the Blazer back from the shop. You were RIGHT ON when you said that it was coincidental with having installed an amp. As an FYI for you and your readers: They diagnosed the problem as a bad bearing (driver side, front).

Where does the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer come from?

The Brazilian variant, based on the second-generation S-series, continues in production in Brazil with their own sheetmetal stampings as well as in Canada with the Brazilian, Indonesian and Russian sheetmetal stampings).

When did the Chevy Blazer come out in the US?

GMC S-15 Jimmy 2-door Chevrolet introduced the S-10 Blazer in 1982 along with its rebadged variant, the GMC S-15 Jimmy, and S-10 pickup truck, the latter replacing the Isuzu -based Chevrolet LUV. The Blazer and Jimmy appeared as 1983 models.

When did the S10 Blazer get anti lock brakes?

The serpentine accessory drive for the 4.3L motor was modified where the air pump was eliminated and further lightened. From at least 1991 onward, all S10 Blazers and Jimmies came with 4 wheel anti-lock brakes as standard equipment.

When did the GMC Jimmy Trailblazer come out?

Upon introduction of the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer and the GMC Envoy, production continued after their successors came to the market, with the Jimmy being sold only in Canada and, in the 2005 model year, 4-door models sold to vehicle fleets. Another upscale model was the 1998 GMC Envoy.

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