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Why is my AC adapter not charging my laptop?

Why is my AC adapter not charging my laptop?

The AC adapter is not charging my laptop battery. Not open for further replies. I don’t know what happened but when i plug in my AC adapter into my laptop the light that indicates that the battery is charging is not showing.

What to do if your air conditioner is inoperative after battery change?

When i put the originial back in the A/C wasnt working at all. Before the A/C was fine. I disconnected the battery for 45 minutes and disconnected the AC clutch relay for 3 minutes after connecting battery. I turned on the car, Didnt start the engine. Then i checked the A/C, which started right up.

Can a laptop battery be plugged in but not charging?

If your laptop powers on, you have a bad battery and I would most certainly advise you to invest in a new battery. He never indicated that it didn’t power on, with or without the battery. It just won’t charge past 27%. Yes, if I unplug the battery, I can boot off external power from my AC cord just fine.

What to do if your laptop AC adapter goes out?

Under Main Tab please check the AC adapter type (that is if it says 65W/90W or anything else). Then power off the computer and unplug the AC adapter from the wall, and from the portable computer, for five to ten seconds. Make sure the AC adapter is unplugged long enough for the LED on the AC Adapter to go out altogether.

Why is the charging light on my laptop not working?

The charging light only lights of a second when I plug it in. The laptop does not respond at all to pressing the power button. I replaced the battery, and then replaced the small cable from the battery to the computer. I have tried two different AC changers, and I tried the reseat the RAM trick.

What to do if your battery won’t hold a charge?

You can fix rechargeable batteries once they fail to hold a charge, making them last even longer. Bring your dead rechargeable batteries back to life by “zapping” them 1 ⭐ . . Run the rechargeable battery down in an appliance, game or tool through regular use.

What does it mean when your alternator stops charging the battery?

Indicator Light On. Usually, the first sign that your charging system is in trouble is a “battery,” “ALT,” or “CHARGE” warning light illuminating on your instrument panel while driving. It means that for some reason, the alternator has stopped charging the battery and your car is running on battery power.

Why does the battery tender plus light keep flashing?

Red light keeps flashing. Green light turns on quickly at the beginning of the charge cycle. No Indicator lights are lit. Battery Tender Plus will not switch to storage charge. The red light stays on too long.

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