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Why does Peter want to take over the world?

Why does Peter want to take over the world?

By spreading his ideas on the nets, Peter wants to establish a kind of Pax Americana, or era of American peace, so that if the Buggers arrive to defeat the people on earth, the earth will already be at peace with itself and will be impossible to defeat. Peter plans on taking over the world with the help of Valentine.

Why do Peter and Valentine need false identities?

Why do Peter and Valentine need false identities on the nets? Because Peter threatened to tell the world that Valentine was Demosthenes. Because Demosthenes is her secret identity and her father knows who she is now.

What is ironic about Valentine’s statement about Peter saving millions of lives?

What is ironic about Valentine’s statement about Peter saving millions of lives? It’s ironic because Peter had always been the one who wanted to hurt the people and was evil.

Who comes to save ender?


Why does Ender cry after the fight with Bonzo?

He has injured Bonzo and knows he might be able to walk away, but he does not want to have to fight the battle again. Ender realizes he must make Bonzo fear him enough never to fight him again. Ender feels terrible about how he hurt Bonzo, and begins to cry.

Why did Ender kill Bonzo?

His goal wasn’t to kill Bonzo, it was to keep himself safe. As a result of him doing whatever he had to keep himself safe, Bonzo died. It hurts Ender to know what he did, he grieves the death of Bonzo.

Who does Ender Wiggin marry?

Ender Wiggin – Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Ender_Wigginen.wikipedia.org › wiki › Ender_Wiggin

Is Ender a hero or villain?

Since Ender is born to be a hero but only remains one as long as he does in the eyes of the people, he can be considered dead when they stop looking upon him as a hero. He lives to be a hero and only lives as long as he is one.

Is Bean smarter than ender?

Yes from a purely testing perspective Bean is more intelligent than Ender. He scored higher on every test to get into Battle School but one which he scored last in. Ender is a much better leader than Bean thanks to his greater humanity towards the enemy, something discussed much more throughout the Shadow Saga.

Who is the smartest member of Dragon Army?


Do Ender and Petra fall in love?

r/ender. Did Ender have a love interest in Ender’s Game? No. since petra was the only non family member female he had a relationship with, if he actually said he is in love with her, i think it is more of the hormones telling him what he is feeling is being in love with her.

Why was Ender’s Game Banned?

The reason Ender’s Game was first banned is because it was placed on a “hit list” of “evil books” by a Baptist group many years ago, and it was placed on that list for no other reason than that I’m a Mormon, and therefore no children should be reading a book by me.

Why are adults the real enemies in Ender’s Game?

The adults are the enemy because they are the puppet masters that are tricking, controlling, and manipulating a bunch of children.

Is Ender’s Game really about war?

Yet paradoxically, what we got from him in Ender’s Game was a deeply humanist story of the perils of war and prejudice, a tale so moving we turned the pages of the book until they fell out.

How old is ender when he killed the buggers?

six years

How does Ender die?

Wiggin’s “soul”, for lack of a more precise term, was animating all three, but not very successfully. Ender died when he deliberately gave up his own body, and his soul took over running one of the other bodies.

Who takes valentine to Ender?


How do you know Ender is intelligent?

How do you now Ender is intelligent? Ender always knows the right answer. What did Valentine teach Ender at the age of three? Ender kicks Stilson three times as he lies helpless and bleeding.

Why do Ender’s parents resent him?

So that he can be accepted into the academy. Why do Ender’s parents resent him? Because he was a third that didn’t get into the school. He is jealous that he was never accepted into battle school and Ender was.

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