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Why does my truck turn weird 4WD?

Why does my truck turn weird 4WD?

4 Wheel Drive Locks Up When Turning This phenomenon is caused by the front wheels battling the rotational force coming from the front drive shaft as it tries to slow down the front wheels, causing the massive under-steer effect. You should avoid engaging 4WD on a high traction surface at all costs.

Why is my Chevy Silverado making a clunking noise?

A loud clunk from the front end during low speed turns, which is particularly noticeable on unimproved roads. The clunk vibration travels up to the steering wheel, particularly while turning the wheel. GM has released numerous TSBs, either calling to grease or replace the intermediate steering shaft.

Where does the clunk come from on the front of a Silverado?

Exactly – that’s why I spent quite bit of effort looking at the front end parts (i.e. ball joints, bearings, bushings, tie-rods, etc.). Finally noticed that when I pushed the front end up and down while standing beside the vehicle, the noise was actually coming from behind the cab.

Why is my steering wheel clunking when I turn?

clunking sound and vibration in steering wheel. problem intermediate steering shaft. temporary solution: loosen steering shaft bolt pump the shaft up and down a few times to redistribute grease replace bolt. smoothe riding for however long it takes until symptoms recur. Similar clunking noise in front end.

Why does my Chevy Silverado steering wheel lock?

If you have ever tried to lock your steering wheel, you will notice that it locks in place and does not allow you to move it until the key is placed into the ignition. This is an anti-theft device that appears in most trucks and vehicles in general.

Why does my Chevy Silverado make a clunking noise?

But in GM’s infinite wisdom, they overlooked the matter of the so-called “intermediate shaft” in the steering assembly, and that oversight has led to an unfortunate clunking noise. The intermediate steering shaft has also led to a number of technical bulletins, but that’s another story.

How to fix driveline clunk in Chevy Silverado?

BTW: If your car is still under warranty, the dealer is now obligated to replace the u-joint with a new part. prior protocol for them was to apply grease as shown above. just a lil FYI i found out last month when i took my 08 Silverado into the delear for this service. I’m reading this just before I take my ’09 in on Saturday for a few issues.

Where does the clunk come from in a 4 wheel drive car?

Heard a pop and clunk from underneath me. Now every time I go into gear reverse or drive I hear a loud clunk coming from the front half of the t case. 4 wheel drive low high and auto work. Driving down the road she is smooth and the trans shifts fine.

When does the clunk come back in my truck?

Enjoy your truck with extremely less of a clunk or eliminated for about 8-10 month. Repeat if the clunk come back. Last edited by starspangled6.0 on Feb 11 2012, 9:07pm, edited 1 time in total.

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