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Why do I hear electric sounds?

Why do I hear electric sounds?

The audible noise emitted from high-voltage lines is caused by the discharge of energy that occurs when the electrical field strength on the conductor surface is greater than the ‘breakdown strength’ (the field intensity necessary to start a flow of electric current) of the air surrounding the conductor.

What causes electrical noise when a motor is running?

Though the system keeps the motor running, the occasional spark occurs between brushes and commutator at the timing of the commutation. The spark is one of the causes of electrical noise.

When to see a doctor for motor running sound in ears?

See ENT: U must see an ENT Physician soon. i have intermittent noise in my right ear that sounds like a truck/large vehicle motor running – should i be concerned/see a dr. lasts for anywhere from few minutes to an hour or so, then goes away, and comes back with no clear reason for change.

How is the noise level of a motor measured?

Usually, the noise comes from multiple sources. To identify the root cause and specify the frequency, FFT analyzer is commonly used. In measuring a mechanical noise, the noise level (loudness) is physically measured by a noise meter.

Why does my car make a lot of noise?

Especially when the motor starts from its stalled position, comparably higher current, or a stall current, flows into the windings. Higher current usually causes higher noise. the input to the motor is much higher than expected and so on.

Why does MY BMW make a humming noise?

BMW Makes Noise When Driving If you hear noise when driving, the most likely cause is a bad wheel bearing. The noise is typically described as a humming noise and gets louder when going around a curve.

Why does my window motor make a clicking sound?

Clicking from the door when the window rolls up or down Another common symptom of a failing window motor is if you hear a clicking sound when you depress the power window button. In some cases this is caused by debris that is trapped in between the window and the motor assembly.

What causes constant motor revving in left ear?

Diabetes? has anyone experienced this before? constant buzzing motor revving up and down in ear, it seem to be in right ear then moves over to left ear. I woke up with this all of a sudden, I thought it was our hvac downstairs but it follows me everywhere I go.

Why do I have a humming sound in my ears?

I’m waiting for an appointment to come through. It is probably a venous hum. Sometimes blood vessels can get constricted and resonate against the mastoid. I’ve had a sound like a humming generator for a month and a half now. Most noticeable at night unfortunately. This is exactly what I’m experiencing right now.

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