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Who owns true appliances?

Who owns true appliances?

the Trulaske family
True Manufacturing Co., owned by the Trulaske family, has been a leading manufacturer in commercial refrigeration units since Robert Trulaske Sr. founded the company in 1945 with his father, Frank, and uncle, Art.

Where is true manufactured?

the USA
We are American Manufacturing Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Commercial refrigeration products, which exceed industry quality standards, at competitive prices.

What is the warranty on a true refrigerator?

TRUE warrants its hermetically sealed system: compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil, drier, metering device and connecting tubing to be free from defects in both material and workmanship under normal and proper use and maintenance service for a period of six (6) years from the date of original installation but …

Are true appliances expensive?

A True refrigerator is on the expensive side. The most affordable units are the ADA-compatible under-counter units, which range from $2,799 to $3,399. Standard height under-counter units cost between $3,649 and $4,899. Columns cost between $9,879 and $10,999, and side by side fridges cost $16,849 to $18,819.

How long do true refrigerators last?

15-20 years
They typically last 15-20 years, as compared to the 3-year average life expectancy of some comparable commercial refrigerator fans. True achieves that by using cast iron components, oversized low-velocity fan motors, and sealing the works in an oil-filled casing.

What does Tru Manufacturing make?

Based in Missouri, True Manufacturing is a key player in the manufacturing industry with 2,886 employees and an annual revenue of $218.3M. To provide a wide range of American-made commercial refrigeration products that exceed industry quality standards at competitive prices.

How much do true appliances cost?

Standard height under-counter units cost between $3,649 and $4,899. Columns cost between $9,879 and $10,999, and side by side fridges cost $16,849 to $18,819. Note: This is before any customization. However, True refrigerators last longer than many competitive models and are more available.

Are True refrigerators reliable?

True is recognized for their high quality commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers, along with outstanding customer service and support. True Manufacturing products are extremely energy efficient, exceeding standards set forth by the industry.

Is True better than turbo air?

There are a few units that have a modified warranty so you will need to check out the spec sheets for that. However, what sets Turbo Air apart from True in the warranty department is the Residential Coverage. While True only supports a Commercial Warranty, Turbo Air supports both Commercial and Residential.


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