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Where is the model number on an Evenflo car seat?

Where is the model number on an Evenflo car seat?

On the back of the seat on the warning label or on a white sticker. Could also be located on the underside of the seat behind the foot rest on the tubing. Bottom of the seat on a white sticker towards the baby’s feet area. Car seat will need to be removed from the base.

Do All Evenflo car seats fit in Evenflo strollers?

Answer: The Journey™ 100 Stroller is compatible with the Evenflo Embrace® infant car seat and Evenflo Discovery™ infant car seat. Other infant car seats or carriers are not designed to fit the stroller frame.

What brand is Evenflo?

Kimberly-Clark de México: Evenflo Feeding Inc., Goodbaby International Holdings Limited: Evenflo Company, Inc. Evenflo is a 100 year old infant feeding company. Evenflo Feeding, Inc. is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio and has had a presence in Ohio since being founded in 1920 as the Pyramid Rubber Company.

What is a 360 car seat?

This saves you having to awkwardly bend over the seat to try and buckle them in, or out. Car seats that rotate a full 360 degrees also allow you to swivel the car seat forward-facing, extending the life of your car seat as your child gets bigger.

Where do I find my car seat model number?

In order to properly register your child restraint system, you will need to provide the model number, serial number and date of manufacture. This information is printed on the registration card and can also be found on a white label located on the back or bottom of the child restraint system.

How do I find out what model my car seat is?

This information can be found on a sticker located on the side or bottom/foot of your car seat shell. The sticker will state Manufactured in or Model #/Manufacture Date. The model number of your car seat will begin with a 22, CC, BC, or IC and it will be followed by a 3 or 4-letter color code.

How long can baby use Evenflo car seat?

All Evenflo car seats expire 6 years following their date of manufacture, with a few exceptions: the Symphony car seat line expires 8 years after the date of manufacture, because it is an all-in-one car seat with extended use from infant seat through belt-positioning booster.

Can you use Evenflo car seat without base?

Installation Without the Base The LiteMax has baseless belt guides that are fairly easy to access. To install the carrier portion of the seat only, set it on the vehicle seat with the harness facing the back of the vehicle. Pull the vehicle seat belt out and thread the lap portion through the baseless belt guides.

Is Evenflo a good brand?

One of the oldest baby products-related brands in all of the United States, Evenflo caters to a wide community, and because they have been around for a complete century Evenflo has developed a reputation for being a very good brand.

Who is Evenflo owned by?

Weston Presidio
Evenflo Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of infant and juvenile products. Majority owned by Weston Presidio, Evenflo was founded in 1920 and is a top supplier of infant and juvenile products to key retailers such as Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us, Wal-Mart, Target, Buy Buy Baby and Kmart.

Are swivel car seats safe?

Rotation car seats are neither less nor more safe than other car seats. They are approved and, therefore, completely safe. Most car seats have been put through additional external control tests such as those undertaken by the ADAC Stiftung Warentest organization. -They can be car seats approved by the R44-04 or i-Size.

What’s the weight limit for an Evenflo car seat?

The upper limit is set to 40 pounds, which is good. Most other car seats tap out at 30 or 35 pounds. But the Evenflo falls short of 50 pounds. Since it’s a cheaper model, the installation isn’t that easy. You can use the seat belt and the latch system. My personal preference is the seat belt because it’s easier to install.

Where can I find the model number and date of manufacture on my Evenflo car seat?

Where can I locate the model number and date of manufacture on my Evenflo car seat? The model number and date of manufacture can be located on a white label on the bottom or back of the seat shell. Are Evenflo car seats FAA approved?

When does an Evenflo transition car seat expire?

The Evenflo Transitions and Evenflo Evolve 3-in-1 combination car seats also expire 8 years after the date of manufacture due to their extended use from harnessed car seat through no back booster. Safety standards change over time as restraint technology develops.

When to use Evenflo harness covers in Canada?

Only those harness covers provided by Evenflo should be used with these seats. Please contact ParentLink at 1-800-233-5921 (U.S.) or 1-937-773-3971 (Canada), Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm (EST) to inquire about harness covers. How long is the life span of my Evenflo car seat?

How long is an Evenflo car seat good for?

Evenflo is very consistent with the expiration date. All of their car seats expire in exactly 6 years after having been manufactured. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. All-in-one car seats are, naturally, meant to serve for longer than that, and because of that, they are constructed extra durable.

What is the best Graco infant car seat?

The SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite is the most comfortable choice of Graco’s infant seats. It’s also a very safe infant car seat. It can be installed with just one click, and parents can rest assured that their little one is properly positioned. This infant car seat is unique due to its Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System.

Do I need to buy infant car seat?

BEST ANSWER. No, it is not necessary to buy an infant seat. As PP said make sure the convertable seat you buy has lots of head support and everything. Whether or not you buy an infant seat, check out this article: http://www.sleepingbaby.net/carseats.php It’s about the dangers of leaving your baby in a seat for too long.

Which car seats can be used with inflatable seat belts?

All models of rear-facing-only car seats can be used with inflatable seat belts, but only when installed without the base; all models of convertible, multimode and combination seats can also be used with inflatable seat belts, but do not use the built-in shoulder belt lock-off if one is available.

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