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Where are the speakers on my Chevy Silverado?

Where are the speakers on my Chevy Silverado?

The “open door with key in ignition” alarm is barely audible and seems to come from the left, front (drivers side–dash level) speaker. I can still hear the radio through the one speaker that is working, but is definitely annoying with rear passengers in ext. cab trying to hear something from the one tiny dash level speaker that works.

Why are the speakers on my Silverado Classic not working?

2007 Silverado Classic. Front door speakers stopped working after about four years. I finally replaced the stock deck with a Kenwood and that didn’t resolve the issue. Last fall I ohmed out both front speakers and confirmed they were good. I didn’t check the wiring for continuity back to the deck at the time but now realize I should have.

Why are the speakers on my Buick Regal not working?

Great truck, almost zero issues in eight years, but GM stereo systems absolutely suck. My 2002 Buick Regal had the Monsoon stereo system and it too had severe issues over the years. Failing speakers, inability to play CD’s, eject CD’s. All of my speakers quit working except 1 tweeter on the driver’s side. it’s horrible sounding.

What to do if your car speakers stop working?

Do not try to replace on your own. Speaker is part of door panel and you must cut out or replace whole piece with GM parts. Car audio store said they replace a lot of GM speakers and said speaker quality was crap.

When did the speakers on my truck quit working?

The drivers door speaker was the first speaker to quit working about 1 year ago. Last week the 2 speakers on the passenger side quit. Could not use my OnStar navigation due to the inability to hear what the OnStar Rep was saying. Took Truck to Dealer and they checked it and said I have 3 bad speakers and will cost $300 to replace.

How big are the speakers on a Chevy 1500?

Speakers should measure 4 ohms. these are very cheap made in Mexico parts. I got a pair of door speakers with mounts and an auto stereo shop for $70 and installed them myself. You can’t post conmments that contain an email address.

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