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When do you need to calibrate a forward radar sensor?

When do you need to calibrate a forward radar sensor?

Calibration is normally required after replacement of a forward radar sensor but, may also be required after removal of front bumper/grille, after front structural repairs, or after removal and installation of the forward radar unit. Calibration can be static (in-shop) or dynamic (on-road).

Where are the forward radar sensors on a car?

Forward radar sensors are located in or behind the front bumper/grille. They monitor the forward distance of objects in front of the vehicle, and control following distance. Systems that use data from the forward radar sensors include Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Braking, and Collision Warning.

When do you need to do Dynamic calibration?

Dynamic will usually require a scan tool be utilized while driving the vehicle, under specified conditions and speed. Weather such as, rain or snow can slow down or completely stop calibration procedures. Being informed on these systems is important to a complete, safe, and quality repair.

Why does FCW not work on Dodge Ram?

This is strange in that the front sensors work magnificently for the ACC (adaptive cruise control) which works spectacularly just as described and the rear sensors have actually engaged the brakes when backing too quickly with obstructions near by so why does the FCW not work?

When to calibrate the steering angle sensor ( SAS )?

Hold the switch in position for 1 second, then drive the window all the way down to the bottom. If the vehicle is equipped with ESP, once the battery is reconnected, the Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) needs to be calibrated. The SAS requires calibration anytime the battery or an ABS (ESP) component has been disconnected for any length of time.

How to enter diagnostic mode in Chrysler 300?

To enter diagnostic mode (refer to your steering wheel controls), depress and hold the compass button (the one with the N and small arrow above it) and musical note button for about 6 seconds with the key in the ON position (doesn’t matter whether or not the engine is running). Hold the buttons until you see the display change.

When do I need to calibrate the door module?

6) Cycle ignition switch “Off” and back “On”, but do not immediately start engine. 8) MDS calibration is now complete. If the vehicle is equipped with the Auto-Up feature, the door module needs to be calibrated upon reconnecting the battery.

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