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When do you know the correct answer to a question?

When do you know the correct answer to a question?

Regardless of the reason, you respond to the question with either an “I don’t know” or an answer that isn’t what the interviewer was trying to discern in regards to your personal expertise. After finishing the interview, you realize the correct answer.

What happens if you provide an incorrect answer to a technical question?

If you respond back at this point, though, then you run two risks: a) you look a bit obsessive, like “I have to let them know that I knew this answer”. b) you’ve waited long enough to respond that it could look like you looked the answer up, and you don’t gain anything with a right answer.

What to do if you give an incorrect answer in an interview?

If you said “I don’t know” and outside the heat of the interview you do know then I’d leave it as it was said – you didn’t know at the time for any number of reasons but you don’t need to try and justify it. If you answered and in hindsight you think they were asking something different then a very brief follow up could be useful.

When to use ” the message has been sent “?

“The message has been sent” can be used if the message was sent just now, or yesterday, or last month. So the first paragraph of this answer is incorrect. Also, “the message was sent” could be used for a message that was sent just now. In other words, the second paragraph of this answer is incorrect.

When is there no question hour in Parliament?

There is no Question Hour on the day the President addresses MPs from both Houses in the Central Hall. Question Hour is not scheduled either on the day the Finance Minister presents the Budget. How does Parliament manage to get so many questions answered?

When did question hour start in Lok Sabha?

The process of asking and answering questions starts with identifying the days on which Question Hour will be held. At the beginning of Parliament in 1952, Lok Sabha rules provided for Question Hour to be held every day. Rajya Sabha, on the other hand, had a provision for Question Hour for two days a week.

When is Question Hour and Zero Hour in India?

This article explains the concept of Question Hour and Zero Hour in Indian Parliamentary System & various concepts associated with it. The Monsoon Session of Parliament is all set to begin from September 14 till October 1. Parliament will meet later this month after being in recess for 174 days.

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