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When did the LLY Duramax diesel engine come out?

When did the LLY Duramax diesel engine come out?

The LLY Duramax Engines is a General Motors diesel engine family for light to medium duty trucks. The 6.6-liter LLY Duramax Engine is produced by DMAX, a joint venture between GM and Isuzu in Moraine, Ohio. The Duramax Engine was released in late 2001 into the Chevrolet and GMC chassis vehicles.

What are the most common problems with LLY Duramax trucks?

The most notorious problem found on LLY Duramax trucks is that they have a tendency to overheat. Part of this is attributed to their inadequate cooling system, that’s made up of the smallest radiator and fan ever found on a Duramax diesel truck.

Is the LLY Duramax the same as the LB7?

Similar to the LB7, the LLY Duramax is reliable, powerful, and lacks most of the emissions found on modern day diesel trucks like the L5P. LLY Duramax trucks don’t suffer from the same injector failure problems that LB7 trucks frequently had. Instead, many LLY Duramax problems stem from overheating.

How big is a LLY Duramax diesel tank?

LLY Duramax Specifications Chart Manufactured Years: 2004-2006 Valvetrain: Overhead Valve (OHV) 4 Valves per cylind Engine Oil Capacity: 10 Quarts With Filter Fuel: Diesel Fuel Tank Size: Short Beds: 26 Gallons Long Beds: 34 Gal

What kind of engine does a Duramax LLY have?

The DFC Tow/Haul Standard Series Long Block is a remanufactured engine designed for improved towing and hauling in your 2004.5-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax LLY. Able to support up to 500 horsepower, this DFC engine is remanufactured to meet the most strict guidelines.

What’s the solution for the Duramax LLY overheating problem?

GM’s solution retrofits the new-style LBZ air intake to the LLY engine. I had a difficult time getting my mind around how a change in intake systems would solve an overheating issue. As a result, I did not pay much attention to the bulletin.

Are there any problems with the Duramax LB7 engine?

For this reason, adding performance modifications to the Duramax is a common route to improve performance and hauling capacity. While light modifications such as intakes, exhausts, and modest tunes shouldn’t cause any problems, bigger or more aggressive modifications can. The LLY uses the same forged-steel rods as the LB7 used.

What is the compression ratio of a LLY Duramax?

LLY Duramax Specifications Chart Manufactured Years: 2004-2006 Compression Ratio: 17.5:1 (2004 & 2005) 16.8:1 (2006) Firing Order: 1-2-7-8-4-5-6-3 Turbocharger/Air: GARRETT GT3788VA VARIABLE VANE Turbochar Fuel Injection: Direct Injection High Pressure Common Ra

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