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What should you do if you are stopped at a stop sign and your view is blocked?

What should you do if you are stopped at a stop sign and your view is blocked?

An intersection is considered “blind” if there are no stop signs at any corner and you cannot see for 100 feet in either direction during the last 100 feet before crossing. If your view is blocked, move slowly forward until you can see.

What is the correct order for actions when approaching a stop sign?

When approaching a stop sign take the following steps: Get your foot off the pedal and apply the brakes. Ensure that you come to a complete stop at the stop sign. Wait for 3 seconds before you continue going through the intersection. Always give right-of-way to drivers that have arrived before you at the intersection.

What do you need to judge the size of when you cross a through street from a stop sign?

When you cross a through street from a stop sign, you must judge the size of the gaps in the traffic from each direction. When turning right and joining traffic, the faster traffic is moving, the larger the gap must be.

Is there a printable version of the stop sign?

The standard stop sign in the U.S. is a red octagon with the text “STOP” written in white. Besides the official version, we also have a green stop sign and blue stop sign. All of these printable signs are free to download as PDF files.

Can you stop at a stop sign if there is no traffic?

If there is no traffic, you are free to proceed through the intersection (or turn) after coming to a complete stop. If traffic is visible but at a distance far enough away that it will not reach the intersection before you cross it, you may proceed.

What does a stop sign look like on a road?

The stop sign will be octagonal in design and it will be white-on-red in color. If you ever see a stop sign at a road junction or corner, it means that you have to come to a complete standstill and only proceed after the traffic in front of you has cleared.

How many stop sign images are there for free?

67 Stop Sign Clipart images. Use these free Stop Sign Clipart for your personal projects or designs.

Where does a stop sign need to be?

If there is neither a stop line nor a crosswalk the sign should be placed where traffic can stop and clearly see both directions before entering the intersection, and no greater than 50 feet from the intersection.

Which is the most common version of the stop sign?

The red octagon with “STOP” in the English language has become the most common version of the stop sign used around the world, because STOP is the international standard. On the other hand, many countries do use different variations.

Is it safe to cross an intersection when there is a stop sign?

Don’t cross an intersection if traffic is backed up. If you come to a stop sign at an intersection, and traffic on the other side of the street headed in your direction is not moving, do not cross the intersection. Wait until traffic clears on the other side and it is safe to proceed through.

Where do stop signs in Europe have the word stop?

Countries in Europe generally have stop signs with the text stop, regardless of local language. There were some objections to this when introduced around the 1970s, but now this is accepted. Turkey is a notable exception to this, instead using the Turkish word for stop: “dur”. Latin America

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