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What should I do if my belt is too tight?

What should I do if my belt is too tight?

Mishandling of belts can also lead to premature belt failure. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using belts: Belts should never be forced onto pulleys. If the belt is too tight to put on the drive system, remove one of the pulleys and then install the belt. When working with belts, never twist, bend or crimp the belts.

Why does my walking deck belt not move?

This is most likely the cause of your belt not moving if you recently adjusted the belt tension due to slippage. Lift the edge of the belt. If you can’t raise it at least 2 to 3 inches off the walking deck, the belt is too tight. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual for loosening the belt.

What are the common problems with belt systems?

While belts require very little maintenance, improper belt tension, misalignment of pulleys, mishandling of belts, and environmental factors are common problems that can shorten the life of your belts and bring your system to a halt. Improper Tension.

Why are the pulleys on my belt not parallel?

Angular: The pulleys are in the same drive system plane, but their shafts are not parallel. Combination: Pulleys can be misaligned with a combination of Parallel and Angular misalignment. Always check the alignment of pulleys after tensioning the belt because sometimes during tensioning, the pulleys can move.

How can I change the direction of my belt?

If you have one belt running hard to the left and another running hard to the right, then switch these two belts. After all this, if you still have a belt tracking hard to the side, then remove the belt and install the belt so it is running in the opposite direction.

How do you tighten a drive belt on a lawn mower?

Find the Control Rod that go’s to the Variable Speed pulley. this is a double pulley, one belt is the drive belt and the other small belt go’s to the transmission. Under it connecting to the bracket that the pulley is sitting on is a threaded rod with an adjustment. Moving the adjustment toward the front of the mover will tighten up the belts up.

Why are new belts shorter than old belts?

New belts will be a tad shorter, because old belts stretch some- we still had the OEM belts complete and were able to read the numbers and match em up . While the tractor was apart, did you check the variable pulley and idlers?

Do you have to replace both drive belts?

As I said before YOU HAVE TO replace both belts so that they will work together. The whole set up is for them belts to work as a team. You replace one now you have one good belt and one wore out belt how can they work together.

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