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What needs to be cited in academic papers?

What needs to be cited in academic papers?

Information that always must be citedwhether web-based or print-basedincludes:Quotations, opinions, and predictions, whether directly quoted or paraphrased.Statistics derived by the original author.Visuals in the original.Another author’s theories.Case studies.

What is a citation in academic writing?

A “citation” is the way you tell your readers that certain material in your work came from another source. It also gives your readers the information necessary to find that source again, including: information about the author. the title of the work.

Which of the following requires proper citation?

Use only the idea from the text without citing it. Summarize the text in your own words and cite it. Explanation: Proper paraphrasing requires writing an original summary and following it up with proper citation (i.e., using quotes and providing references according to an acceptable citation format).

What does it mean to paraphrase from a source?

When you paraphrase, you capture the information from a source by putting it into your own words instead of the author’s. This involves taking a sentence or two from the original source and reworking the sentence structure and the wording using roughly the same amount of words as the author.

How do you paraphrase information?

How to paraphrase in five stepsRead the passage several times to fully understand the meaning.Note down key concepts.Write your version of the text without looking at the original.Compare your paraphrased text with the original passage and make minor adjustments to phrases that remain too similar.

What is the benefits of paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing give you the chance to express important ideas in your own words, by doing so you increase your understanding of the topic. It’s therefore a more effective way to learn than memorising. A paraphrase can be more flexible for the future than a quotation as you don’t need to remember the exact words.

How do you paraphrase an academic text?

How to paraphraseRead the original source carefully. Identify the main point(s) and key words.Cover the original text and rewrite it in your own words. Write the paraphrase in your own style. Review your paraphrase to check it accurately reflects the original text but is in your words and style.

What is rephrase thesis?

# Rephrase A Thesis Statement # Restate a thesis statement # Rephrase thesis statement # Restate thesis statement in the conclusion # Restate your thesis statement Your thesis statement declares your position on the topic of discussion; it tells your reader your focus idea and guides them towards the direction you will …

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