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What kind of valve springs does GM sp383 use?

What kind of valve springs does GM sp383 use?

Beehive-style valve springs enable great high-rpm performance and durability, allowing the SP383 to rev higher and build more horsepower. † Parts and labor warranty when installed by a GM Dealer or qualified installing independent Service Center (ISC) or when sold over the counter and REPAIRED by a GM Dealer or qualifying ISC.

What makes the GM crate SP350 engine unique?

The SP350’s unique capability lies in its lightweight aluminium cylinder heads, which feature a valvetrain with beehive style valve springs, similar to the design of the high-revving LS engine family.

What kind of engine is in Chevy 350 small block?

The classic 350 Small-Block As part of Chevrolet Performance’s new line of Street Performance engines, the SP350 offers contemporary engine features on the classic Small-Block architecture.

How big is a 383 Stroker small block engine?

Big torque 383 stroker When it comes to cranking serious torque from the classic Small-Block, it’s hard to beat the 383 stroker combination, which uses a long, 3.800-inch stroke with 4.005-inch bores to generate exceptional low-end pulling power and surprising high-rpm horsepower. PART NO. 19355672 435 HP @5600 RPM

What kind of car is the Chrysler 383?

This is a chevy 350 block that has been stroked to a 383. Only kidding about the Chrysler RB 383 reference.

What kind of engine does a 383 Stroker Crate have?

Crate Engine, Dressed Long Block, Chevy Small Block 383 Stroker, SBC Crate Motor, BluePrint Cylinder Heads Crate Engine, Dressed, Long Block, 383 Stroker, 436 HP, 443 TQ, New Block, Aluminum Heads, 750 cfm Carburetor, Chevy, Small Block, Each

Is the radiator on my 383 overheating?

My 3 core stock radiator did a fantastic job cooling my 383 stroker motor. Never had any issues as ran well under 200 degrees no matter how hot it is outside. But it started leaking. Rather than fix the old one i thought I was doing a good thing by replacing it with a new 3 core aluminum radiator with electric fans.

Where does the Chevy 350 crate engine come from?

Made in the U.S.A. Our famous “Hum Baby” Chevy 350 crate engine! She’s a smooth running machine that is suitable for a practical enthusiast looking for a higher quality engine than what GM offers. We took the “Hum Baby” engine and added more performance parts, bigger cam for that extra sound, and more performance without losing dependability!

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