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What kind of race filter does a Camaro SS use?

What kind of race filter does a Camaro SS use?

When maximum air flow is all you need, this Cold Air Intake System Race Filter has you covered. Designed for the Camaro SS drag racer, this high-flow dry media race filter provides up to a 51% reduction in restriction at 350 g/sec (compared to the production Camaro LT1 Air Induction System) for the ultimate off-road drag strip performance.

What kind of cold air intake does a Camaro need?

Requires Cold Air Intake System (P/N 84329125). Chevrolet Performance has partnered with American Racing Headers to create a licensed header kit for Camaro. These headers feature 3/8-inch thick flanges with TIG-welded and hand-ported inlets, along with a 1-7/8-inch tube routing that maximizes performance and fit.

How big is the racing wheel on a Camaro?

This allows for the use of wheels as small as 16 inches (always verify fit). High-performance, semi-metallic brake pads are included to maintain a confident brake feel. Chevrolet Performance has teamed up with WELD Racing to create a 16-inch x 10-inch racing wheel.

What kind of exhaust system does a Camaro SS have?

This system was designed for Camaro SS drag racers and includes both right and left halfshafts, washer and bolt assemblies, hub nuts, and replacement exhaust gasket and clamp for a bolt-on and race solution.

How often should you change the oil in a Camaro?

Why have they put a system in to tell you when the oil needs to be changed and the GM mecanics say don’t go by the system. Mechanics say still change the oil every three thousand miles. Wondering what everyone else who is using synthetic oil is running before an oil change.

What kind of oil pressure does a Camaro Berlinetta have?

85 Camaro Berlinetta – 305ci, stock heads, flattops, 214/224-443/465, Edel. 600 & Performer intake, 700-R4 & transgo kit, TCI competition 10in. conv, 4.10, Auburn posi, Hedman 1 5/8 shortys,modified Ypipe stock exhaust,hi-flow muffler! The position of the holes will not affect oil pressure.

Where do you put the oil hole on a Camaro?

Where the block has a groove behind the bearing, the bearing should be installed with the oil hole at the 2 o’clock position when viewed from the front for normal clockwise camshaft rotation. This will introduce oil into the clearance space outside of the loaded area and allow shaft rotation to build an oil film ahead of the load.”

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