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What is not an academic source?

What is not an academic source?

Non-Academic articles are written for the mass public. They are published quickly and can be written by anyone. Non-Academic articles can be found in periodicals similar to Time, Newsweek or Rolling Stone. As a general rule religious texts and newspapers are not considered academic sources.

What are three examples of unacceptable sources in an academic paper?

Unacceptable Sourcesblogs.consultant sites.online encyclopedias (eg. Wikipedia)general online dictionaries.local newspapers.YouTube.

What are academically valid sources?

Academic sources, also called scholarly sources, are sources which can include books, academic journal articles, and published expert reports. The content in academic sources has usually been peer-reviewed, which means that it’s been reviewed by experts on its topic for accuracy and quality before being published.

How do you identify an academic source?

The most common forms of academic source are: Books….To identify an academic source, apply the criteria listed below:What are the qualifications of the author? Are sources listed? Has the writing been peer-reviewed? Is the writing objective? Who is the target audience?

Is Google Scholar an academic source?

Is Google Scholar an academic source? No. Google Scholar is an academic search engine, but the records found in Google Scholar are academic sources.

Is a government website an academic source?

Government documents and government websites are generally considered authoritative, credible sources of information. Many are scholarly, and some are even peer-reviewed! But, not all gov docs are scholarly or peer-reviewed.

Can a website be an academic source?

Books, articles, and websites can all be scholarly. Remember, there is sometimes a difference between scholarly and peer-reviewed articles; all peer-reviewed sources are scholarly, but not all scholarly sources are peer-reviewed. The information should be based on verifiable facts.

Is a news article an academic source?

Newspapers, tabloids and other forms of similar media are not considered academic sources. Academic journals are the most relevant for research and study purposes as they are often refereed (also called “peer reviewed” or “scholarly”).

Is Wikipedia an academic source?

Wikipedia – Academic Use Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. Wikipedia is increasingly used by people in the academic community, from students to professors, as an easily accessible tertiary source for information about anything and everything.

What are some academic websites?

15 Scholarly search engines every student should bookmarkGoogle Scholar. Google Scholar was created as a tool to congregate scholarly literature on the web. Google Books. Microsoft Academic. WorldWideScience. Science.gov. Wolfram Alpha. Refseek. Educational Resources Information Center.

Which site is best for education?

Top 10 education websites to teach you for freeInternet Archive: archive.org. Big Think: bigthink.com. Coursera: courser.org. Brightstorm: brightstorm.com. CosmoLearning: cosmolearning.com. Futures Channel: thefutureschannel.com. Howcast: howcast.com. Khan Academy: khanacademy.org. Khan Academy is an online coaching website.

What is a educational website?

Educational websites can include websites that have games, videos or topic related resources that act as tools to enhance learning and supplement classroom teaching. These websites help make the process of learning entertaining and attractive to the student, especially in today’s age.

What are the 4 types of websites?

Here are the 8 different types of websites:Homepages. — The homepage is your site’s main hub and serves as the face of a brand. Magazine websites. — E-commerce websites. — Blogs. — Portfolio websites. — Landing pages. — Social media websites. — Directory and contact pages. —

What is website and its uses?

At its simplest, a website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information between buyers and sellers. You can list your opening hours, contact information, show images of your location or products, and use contact forms to facilitate enquiries from potential customers or feedback from existing ones.

What is the best type of website?

12 Popular Types of Websites You Can CreatePortfolio Website. Media Website. Brochure Website. Nonprofit Website. Educational Website. Infopreneur Website. Web Portal. Wiki or Community Forum Website. Most people are familiar with wikis through the most famous example of one out there: Wikipedia.

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