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What is endonasal DCR?

What is endonasal DCR?

Technique (Endonasal/Endoscopic DCR): The primary benefit of the endonasal, or internal, approach is the lack of skin scarring. The nasal mucosa and middle turbinate are first decongested for vasoconstriction and hemostasis.

How do you do endoscopic DCR?

The steps involved include:

  1. Pre-injection of the agger mucosa, middle turbinate and uncinate.
  2. Raising mucosal flap.
  3. Exposing the lacrimal sac.
  4. Lacrimal sac intubation.
  5. Sac incision and sac flap creation.
  6. Stenting/marsupilisation.

How is a DCR performed?

DCR Through the Skin (External Procedure) The surgeon makes a small incision in the skin, in the area under your eye and next to your nose. Through this incision, your surgeon creates a small opening in the bone beneath. This opening then connects your lacrimal sac and your nasal cavity.

What is the difference between DCR and DCT?

The main indication for dacryocystectomy (DCT) is excision of lacrimal sac tumors. DCT may be considered less invasive than dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) because lacrimal bone and nasal mucosa are not violated.

What kind of doctor treats tear ducts?

Doctors do tear duct blockage surgery to open a blocked tear duct. This brief outpatient surgery is done by an ophthalmologist (eye doctor). Kids usually go home the same day.

What is DCT in ophthalmology?

Dacryocystectomy (DCT) A dacryocyst is a lacrimal (tear) sac. Therefore, dacryocystectomy is excision of the wall of the lacrimal sac. It is indicated as treatment for acute Dacryocystitis. A lump may appear under the skin at the inner corner of the eye as the tear sac fills with pus.

How do you remove a DCR tube?

The tube is simply removed externally by grasping it at the medial canthus with non-toothed forceps and firmly pulling laterally in a single movement (Figure 1c). This obviates the need of any intranasal manipulation or tube cutting. The short sleeve segment rests within the nose before finding its own way out.

How long does it take to recover from a DCR?

It is usual to have a watery eye for some weeks after surgery until the swelling and inflammation settles, and the tubes are removed. Swelling and bruising may involve eyes, nose and cheek, and may be more on the second/third It may take two to three weeks for the bruising to completely resolve.

How much does DCR surgery cost?

It can cost $100 or more for dilation and irrigation of the tear duct in a doctor’s office, but a similar procedure done in a hospital can cost almost $3,000 or more. And surgery to create a new tear duct using a shunt can cost up to $6,000 or more.

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