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What happens to your heart when you have PVC pipe?

What happens to your heart when you have PVC pipe?

Finally, studies have demonstrated that in patients with a particularly high burden of PVC’s (around 25%, 1 in 4 beats) may have subtle heart muscle dysfunction that can be reversed by treatments to ablate the PVC’s.

What happens when a PCV valve is stuck open?

A PCV valve stuck open can trigger the “check engine” light due to increased airflow. A diagnostic computer may erroneously blame this light on a mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor instead, making it harder for you to detect the real source of the problem. What Does a PCV Valve Do?

When is it time to replace the PCV valve?

Most PCV valves contain a spring-loaded device. Once you remove the valve, shake it with your hand. You’ll hear a rattle. If you don’t, it is time to replace the valve. Even if the valve rattles, if your engine is experiencing one or more of the bad PCV valve symptoms described above, it’s a good idea to replace the valve.

Why is the PCV valve so important in a car?

Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. He has certifications in automation and control technology. You probably don’t realize how important the PCV system—the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve and its related components—is to the well-being of your engine.

What happens if you have a stuck PCV valve?

A stuck open valve or leaking PCV hose will cause drivability issues like surging. A closed or tarnished PCV valve will cause oil to back up into the breather. A PCV valve should rattle when shaken. If the valve doesn’t rattle, it must be replaced.

Can a bad PCV valve cause an air filter to blow?

The easiest way to verify the problem is to temporarily block the vacuum source to the PCV valve and see if the noise changes or goes away. On some vehicles, a bad PCV valve can cause oil to blow onto the air filter element. An oily or dirty spot, near the PCV inlet hose is a symptom.

What causes oil to flow through the PCV valve?

A PCV vacuum hose, with oil dripping or a wet valve usually suggest too much flow, which causes oil consumption . Checking the PCV vacuum hose is a wise precaution, on any engine that consumes oil. The PCV valve flows at different rates, under various conditions.

Can a bad PCV valve cause the Check Engine light to come on?

A bad PCV valve, can in some vehicles, cause oil to blow onto the air filter element. If you see a dirty or oily spot near to the PCV inlet hose, then this is an indication of a bad PCV valve. If the PCV valve sticks open, it may cause the check engine light to come on.

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