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What engine came in the ramcharger?

What engine came in the ramcharger?

The vehicle was powered by the “LA” series Chrysler small block engines, the most common being the 318 cu in (5.2 L) V8, with the optional 360 cu in (5.9 L) V8.

When did the Chrysler 318 Mopar engine come out?

In production from the early 1960s to the early 1990s, the Chrysler Corporation’s 318 cubic-inch, V-8 engine is found in all domestic Dodge and Plymouth cars and trucks. The timing procedure for the 318 is similar to that of the other Chrysler “LA” series engines.

Do you need a core for a Mopar 318?

For one thing, if you already have a 318, it’s not “just as cheap” to build that 360. First, you’ll need to get a 360 core, which will set you back $250 or more. The 318 and 360 engines are balanced differently, so you’ll also need a new flywheel or flex plate and torque converter. Then there is fuel economy.

How to set the timing on a 318 Mopar engine?

Loosen the bolt on the distributor hold-down clamp with a wrench. Loosen it only enough so that you can barely turn the distributor. Start the engine. Being careful of moving parts such as belts, pulleys and the fan blade, shine the timing light down on the marker. The light will allow you to see the notch on the balancer lined up with the marker.

What kind of Cams does a Mopar 318 have?

I’m running 302 head castings with 1.88/1.60 valves and mild porting, KB hypereutectic pistons (10.5:1 compression with my heads), Comp Cams 268H cam, stainless steel roller rocker arms, Weiand Action Plus intake, Edelbrock carburetor, and SSI headers. If you’ve never rebuilt a small block Mopar, you really need this book.

Is the Mopar 318 a good street engine?

Overview: Even though almost all Mopar 318s came from the factory in low performance two-barrel trim, the 318 can be built into a great street performance engine. Blocks can be a little harder to find than 360 cores, depending on where you live, but it’s worth the effort to track one down.

What kind of carburetor did the Chrysler 318 use?

It used hydraulic lifters and a two barrel carburetor for most of its production, though four-barrel Carter Thermo-Quad and Rochester Quadrajet carburetors were used in police applications starting in 1978. The 318 received roller lifters and a fast-burn cylinder head in 1985.

Who was the Chief Engineer of the Chrysler LA engine?

Willem Weertman, who later became Chief Engineer – Engine Design and Development, was in charge of the conversion. The basic design of the LA engine would go unchanged through the development of the “Magnum” upgrade (1992-1993) and into the 2000s with changes to enhance power and efficiency.

What was the bore and stroke of a Chrysler LA engine?

It had a bore and stroke of 3.625 in × 3.31 in (92.1 mm × 84.1 mm). It had a mechanical solid lifter valvetrain until 1968 when hydraulic lifters were introduced; hydraulic lifters generally make for a quieter valvetrain.

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