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What do the pins on a cable plug mean?

What do the pins on a cable plug mean?

Rigid Three-Pin Plug 425HDRigid Plastic Plug with three pins, Heavy Duty, 20A rating Side Entry Plugs Side entry plugs refer to the fact that the cable enters the plug from the side. These plugs are all prefi xed with “418S”, indicating they all have insulated pins (“S” stands for safety).

How many pins does a quick connect plug have?

Quick Connect Plug with insulated active and neutral pins, 10A rating 1439SHDHeavy Duty, 10A rating 1439S1515A rating 1439/20Quick Connect Plug with three pins and 20A rating 1439/4PQuick Connect Plug with four pins, 10A rating Flexible Two-Pin Plugs Flexible two-pin plugs are prefi xed with the number “492”.

What kind of connectors do I need for a Jeep Liberty?

I need a pin diagramc1 c2 c3 c4 connectors on pcm for 04… Engine light on, 04 Jeep Liberty 3.7 V6 4×4.. Engine code engine light on, 04 Jeep Liberty 3.7 V6 4×4..

How are wiring diagrams organized in exam PLE?

The wiring diagrams are grouped into individual sections. If a component is most likely found in a par- ticular group, it will be shown complete (all wires, connectors, and pins) within that group. For exam- ple, the Auto Shutdown Relay is most likely to be found in Group 30, so it is shown there complete.

What are the different types of PCM connectors?

Each connector can be identified as: C1 Blue (32 Pin Connector). C2 Red (32 Pin Connector). C3 Clear -or Grey- (32 Pin Connector). C4 Black (24 Pin Connector). Contents of this tutorial:

Do you need a 7 pin wiring diagram?

7 pin connector wiring diagram – You will want a comprehensive, skilled, and easy to know Wiring Diagram. With such an illustrative manual, you will be capable of troubleshoot, avoid, and total your assignments without difficulty.

What are the different types of pin header connectors?

Pin header connectors comprise several different means of connection. Generally, one side is a series of pins which are soldered to a PCB, and they can either be at a right-angle to the PCB surface (usually called “straight”) or parallel to the board’s surface (confusingly referred to as “right-angle” pins).

What are the PCM connectors for GM 4.3L?

In this article, you’ll find the Pin Out descriptions of the 4 PCM Connectors for the 1998-1999 GM 4.3L, 5.0L or 5.7L Engines. NOTE: For other PCM pin-out charts, take a look at the following: 1993 PCM Pin Out Chart (GM 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L GAS w/ 4L60-E).

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