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What did Billy Joel sing in Oliver and Company?

What did Billy Joel sing in Oliver and Company?

Joel provided voiceover work in 1988 for the Disney animated film Oliver & Company, in which he played the character Dodger with his song, “Why Should I Worry?”, and contributed to the soundtracks to several different films, including Easy Money, Ruthless People, and Honeymoon in Vegas .

When did Billy Joel Start the Billy Joel Band?

Disenchanted with Los Angeles, Joel returned to New York City in 1975 and recorded Turnstiles, the first album he recorded with the group of hand-picked musicians who became the Billy Joel Band.

Where did Billy Joel record his second album?

In 1974, Joel recorded his second Columbia album in Los Angeles, Streetlife Serenade. His manager at the time was Jon Troy, an old friend from the New York neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant; Troy would soon be replaced by Joel’s wife Elizabeth.

Where are Billy Joel’s banners in the rafters?

Joel has banners in the rafters of the Times Union Center, Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, and the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

What does Joel say about the coming army?

In chapter 2 he describes that destruction. The prophet now moves to a description of the coming army. Joel draws on the imagry of the locusts in chapter 1 to describe the invading army in the Day of the Lord. The soldiers will be as methodical and thorough as locusts. cf. 2:3-9. Some think this refers to actual locusts because of all the similies.

Why was Joel called to the House of the Lord?

There should be a call by the priests for corporate mourning, fasting and prayer. Some take the command for everyone to come to the house of the Lord as a clue that Joel is a postexilic prophet when the nation was small enough to actually do this.

What does Joel say about the day of the Lord?

In verse 15 Joel says, “The day of the Lord is near.” He introduces the concept of the Day of the Lord here, but then goes on to elaborate on how bad the suffering is then. But he recognizes that the destruction by the locusts is only a shadow of what is to come. In chapter 2 he describes that destruction.

What did Joel call the nation of Israel?

If the nation will repent and return to the Lord, God will restore His relationship with her and bless her. Joel calls for recognition that the calamity is the result of God dealing with the nation of Israel. Can you tell me another name for locusts?

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