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What are the problems with a Sierra Duramax?

What are the problems with a Sierra Duramax?

The problem is the the fuel economy, in the ’01 he would get around 23-27 MPG and now his new one is only getting 10-13 MPG and horrible towing mileage of 5-7 MPG. This truck also lacks the grunt the old one did, not a lot of power when passing on the highway.

What was the problem with the LBZ Duramax in 2006?

Glow plug failure was a concern on the 2006 model year LBZ and LLY Duramax models, but the problem should have been long corrected for owners of these years. The concern was that the glow plug module would over cycle the glow plugs, creating a scenario in which the tip of the glow plug could actually deform and/or break off in the engine.

What’s the problem with a Duramax 2500HD 5th Wheel?

The problem with 3/4 tons and 5th wheels is their lack of ability to carry the pin weight and remain within specs. Check the Tire and Information Loading sticker on the left rear door pillar…it will list the cargo capacity for that vehicle. Pin weight is an issue, no doubt, even on the 3500 HD. Click to expand…

Are there any problems with the Duramax diesel engine?

Overheating issues with the Duramax diesel seems to be a hit-or-miss problem; some owners experience it, while others never will. Regardless, it’s more common with the Duramax than other engines.

Are there any problems with the LLY Duramax?

In terms of LLY injector problems, GM had sorted out the internal failures with the 2004 ½ redesign, but the LLY Duramax would occasionally exhibit a trouble code for the injectors, but in most cases it turned out to be an issue with the injector harness rubbing through and causing a short or open in the wiring.

What causes a Duramax injection pump to fail?

As a result (allegedly), the lack of lubrication in the fuel can cause a premature failure of the injection pump, to a point where it won’t allow the LML Duramax to run. You can be driving down the road and everything seems normal, and when the pump fails, the truck just shuts off.

What kind of transmission does a Duramax pickup have?

Nearly all Duramax powered pickup trucks were equipped with the Allison 1000 automatic transmission, with the five-speed version running from 2001 to 2005, and the six-speed starting in 2006 and running until 2019.

What causes a Duramax diesel engine to heat up?

When the engine is working hard, the turbocharger is drawing in a ton of air, and the restrictive stock turbo inlet tube can effectively choke the VGT turbocharger causing the compressor outlet temperature to skyrocket, heating up the intercooler, and ultimately raising the temperature of combustion and the coolant temp.

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