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What are the 3DS regions?

What are the 3DS regions?

There are three versions of the 3DS hardware, according to Nintendo: Japanese, American, and European/Australian. The Japanese and European versions of the Nintendo 3DS are likewise region locked.

Can you play Japanese 3DS games on European 3DS?

This restriction applies to all versions of the Nintendo 3DS XL and its games. Japanese games do not work on a European Nintendo 3DS XL, North American games do not work on a Japanese Nintendo 3DS XL, and so on.

Do us 3DS games work in European?

Will games I bought outside my country of residence work on a Nintendo system purchased in Europe? Wii U, Wii and Nintendo 3DS family systems employ a region code based on the country where they are sold. Because of the region code, only software purchased in the same region will be compatible with your system.

Are physical 3DS games region locked?

The Wii U is also region-locked. All Nintendo handhelds except both Nintendo DSi models and the Nintendo 3DS are fully region-free. In the case of the former, only the physical and digital games that cannot be played on earlier DS models are region-locked.

What is ML region?

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What 3DS region is Australia?

The 3DS, unlike the Nintendo DS before it, is region-locked. There are 3 regions: North America, Japan and EU/Australia. So if you buy your 3DS in Australia, you’ll need to purchase games from either the EU or Australia as well.

Can you region unlock a 3DS?

The 3DS is the first Nintendo handheld family to pose restrictions on all of its games from other regions – meaning that you can’t import games from Japan or North America unless you also have a 3DS from the same region to play them on.

Can you change 3DS region?

In the 3DS’ System settings app, you can try to change your region settings (Country and State/Region).

How do I know what region my 3DS is?

Look near the barcode in the lower right on the back of the case. You’ll see a code like CTR-APPP-GER or CTR-A66J-JPN , maybe with TSA before it, or a similar code with a P in the middle like CTR P ATHE USA . The last three letters indicate the country of origin with ASI for multi-country Asian releases.

What region is Australia 3DS?

Example: You purchased a 3DS in Australia, which means it is in the PAL region (EU/AU).

How do you tell what region a 3DS is?

Can a 3DS ignore games that are not in the same region?

Handheld consoles are not dependent on the analogue TV standards’ limitation (NTSC/PAL/SECAM), however, the 3DS system software is designed to ignore a game if it does not correspond to the same region as the console (with the Chinese iQue 3DS being a special exception).

Is it possible to transfer 3DS content between regions?

I mean, I don’t care too much for my Miis, friend codes and the like not being transferred. You can’t just transfer it to the new SD card since they are locked to your original 3DS. The only way to do it is to do a system transfer, and it’s impossible to do a system transfer between two different region 3DS.

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What’s the name of the region on the 3DS?

As officially listed in the 3DS Region Settings, The U region works as the Americas/Asia region, specifically in these countries: Note that games of Japanese origin as well as systems are usually released in this region second, with American origin games being released in this region first.

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